The Signals Our Bodies Give Off When We Are Sexually Attracted

Written by Dave Rich

On April 13, 2014

We aren’t always aware of it, but our bodies produce signals whenever we are sexually attracted or aroused. And they don’t necessarily occur only in the bedroom. They can manifest even in the middle of having just met someone. Want to know what kind of signals your body has been producing that you maybe haven’t noticed yet? Here are a few of the most obvious.

Faster Heart Rate

It’s universally understood that it’s the brain that’s responsible for those feelings of love or lust, but why has the heart always been the topic of discussion when it comes to such emotions? It’s because our hearts always tend to race when we’re sexually excited. According to :

“Because our hearts are set aflutter, pulses literally racing, at the sight of someone attractive. In fact, the heart-attraction relationship is so potent, studies have found that increasing someone’s heart rate and then putting him or her near a pretty stranger can artificially ignite a flame of affection.”

Your Voice Deepens

Another sure signal that you’re attracted to someone is when your voice gets deeper the longer you engage in conversation. This is especially true when both of you attracted to each other. According to the Journal of Nonverbal Behavior:

“We found that both sexes used a lower-pitched voice and showed a higher level of physiological arousal when speaking to the more attractive, opposite-sex target. Furthermore, independent raters evaluated the voice samples directed toward the attractive target (versus the unattractive target) as sounding more pleasant when the two voice samples from the same person presented had a reasonably perceptually noticeable difference in pitch.”

Sweating and Increased Body Temperature

The next time you shake hands with someone, you might want to keep an eye out for sweaty palms. says:

“Collectively known as monoamines, dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin combine to produce feelings of excitement, with a side of breathlessness and moist hands. Norepinephrine in particular is the culprit for goading our sweat glands into activation, and since our palms are riddled with up to 3,000 miniscule sweat glands per square inch, they can quickly become a telltale signal of sexual interest.”

Of course, you shouldn’t just interpret sweaty palms as a sign of attraction right away. Men are simply more prone to having sweaty hands than women are, so if you shake hands with your boss and it’s a hot day outside, don’t start getting the wrong idea.

Eye Contact

Probably the most important indicator of sexual attraction can be observed in the eyes of the other person. Why? Because they just can’t stop themselves from staring right back at you. You can even tell what their intentions whether they are romantically or lustfully attracted to you. According to

“No matter how subtle or discreet you are about how badly you want this person in bed, your eyes can’t lie. If you’re romantically infatuated, your eyes will brighten up and sparkle with happiness. But if someone desires you sexually and both of you have a sneaky moment of alone time, you’d see that their eyelids are almost drunkenly half closed with lust, especially when their face is really close to yours.”

If they are especially attracted to you sexually, you might even notice them staring at strategic sensual locations on your body. Depending if you are a man or woman, this can be your crotch, breasts, shoulders or lips. You’ll find this especially noticeable if you pretend to look away for a moment then look back at your date and you’ll catch their eyes darting back to meet yours after having mentally devoured you.

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