What You Need to Know About Systemic Erectile Dysfunction

Written by Dave Rich

On May 6, 2013

Systemic Erectile Dysfunction is Treatable

Systemic Erectile Dysfunction is Treatable

No matter what your age, erectile dysfunction is a depressing and embarrassing battle. Though it may be tempting to grab some “quick-fix” erectile dysfunction pill from the convenience store, you could be doing some pretty serious harm to your health if you do. The more you know about the cause of your erectile dysfunction, the closer you are to solving the problem instead of just treating the symptoms.
What is Systemic Erectile Dysfunction?
Systemic erectile dysfunction means your erectile dysfunction has an underlying physical cause.
These causes include:

  • Prostate Disease

Underlying prostate disease is a common cause of erectile dysfunction. Fifty percent of men over the age of 50 experience health problems due to benign swelling of the prostate gland. Symptoms of prostate disease include difficulty urinating, urinary frequency, inability to completely empty bladder, and erectile dysfunction.

  • Low Testosterone

Many men over the age of 40 experience a drop in testosterone levels, which can lead to erectile dysfunction. Low testosterone is easily corrected without the use of prescription drugs. Oftentimes, a combination of diet and lifestyle changes and some added supplements are all you need to get back the vigor you remember.

  • Diabetes

Type II diabetes is often a hidden cause of erectile dysfunction that can be overlooked by physicians too eager to hand out that “little blue pill”. Symptoms of type II diabetes include excessive thirst, vision problems, fatigue, frequent urination, and erectile dysfunction due to poor circulation.

  • Obesity

Of all the systemic causes of erectile dysfunction, obesity is one of the most common. Overweight men have lower levels of testosterone and higher levels of estrogen, which can lead to erectile dysfunction.

  • High Cholesterol

High cholesterol levels damage the blood vessels, including those that bring blood flow to the penis. Oftentimes, one of the first indicators that you have elevated cholesterol levels is erectile dysfunction.
Effective Natural Treatments for Systemic Erectile Dysfunction

  • Prostacet

If you’ve been told you have BPH, using a men enhancement product won’t do much to address the underlying cause of your erectile dysfunction. Prostacet will. Prostacet is an all-natural dietary supplement designed to treat your BPH without a prescription. It contains saw palmetto extract, an herb used primarily in Europe to lower DHT levels responsible for prostate inflammation and erectile dysfunction.

Prostacet Prostrate Health Supplement

Treat Prostate Disease Naturally

  • Natural Gain Plus

If you’re going to use a male enhancement pill to treat your systemic erectile dysfunction, your best bet is not Viagra, it’s Natural Gain Plus. Natural Gain Plus contains niacin to lower your cholesterol levels naturally. It also contains zinc to increase your testosterone levels. Barrenwort gives you an added advantage in the bedroom as it increases your penis size.

Click to Learn More About the Power of Natural Gain Plus!

Click to Learn More About the Power of Natural Gain Plus!

  • ProSolution

If you believe low testosterone is the reason for your erectile dysfunction, ProSolution is the natural answer you’ve been looking for. ProSolution contains drilizen, an all-natural ingredient that has been proven to increase testosterone levels. This formula also contains libido and stamina-enhancing ingredients to guarantee a better experience in the bedroom.

Click to Learn More Now

Click to Learn More Now

  • Volume Pills

Many men experience erectile dysfunction simply because they just don’t have enough energy to get going anymore. That’s where Volume Pills come in. Volume Pills are the only natural male enhancement pills to contain a potent blend of Eastern herbs designed specifically to boost your energy, libido, and stamina in the bedroom. Another incredible thing about Volume Pills is the intensity of the release you’ll feel when you use them. They are guaranteed to enhance your ejaculation so you experience pleasure like you never knew before.

Click to Learn More Now

Click to Learn More Now

  • Hypercet Cholesterol Formula

Statin drugs for cholesterol have some serious side effects associated with them. That’s why more men like you are turning to natural cholesterol formulas to improve their health. Hypercet Cholesterol Formula contains a synergistic blend of vitamins and minerals to support healthy blood cholesterol levels. Hypercet Cholesterol Formula uses magnesium, chromium, and calcium to lower your high cholesterol and, in turn, improve your sexual health.

Click to Treat Cholesterol Naturally

Click to Treat Cholesterol Naturally

Erectile dysfunction is a symptom that something is going wrong in the body. When you treat your erectile dysfunction with natural male enhancement and supplements, you’re helping your body heal itself, instead of just forcing an erection.


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