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Places You Can Put Pheromone Perfume To Work For You

The effects of pheromone products such as perfume and cologne may still be in their testing stages as far as efficiency of preferred outcome goes, but the science is there. It’s been known for some time now that the natural pheromones in your body are what attract the opposite sex to you, and these tend to come out in bodily fluids via scent. These particular type of smell triggers sexual responses in your brain that make you feel attracted to your mate, or even strangers you’ve just met, which makes it no big surprise that there has been such a huge response in sales and demand for products containing these kinds of stimulating ingredients. Of course, once you’ve obtained your perfume you’ve got another problem entirely in deciding where it would be best to wear it for maximum results. Read on for a few ideas of places you can go to try out your new scent.

Mundane Tasks

It might seem silly but sometimes it’s the most mundane and casual places where the most chemistry can be found. People aren’t generally on the hunt for a partner when they head out to the grocery store or the Laundromat, but that’s part of the appeal when you see somebody really attractive when you’re out there. It’s not a sea of sexually inclined drunken people with hormones racing the way that it might be at a party or club, so when you see somebody you like you’re more likely to take notice of all the little things that make that person unique. This can work in your favor if you’re hunting for a man and looking to test a little pheromone perfume. Abouthumanpheromones.wordpress.com explains:

“Wear pheromone perfume whenever you leave your house. You never know when and where you’re going to stumble with Mr. Right.”

Anywhere that you could possibly rub past somebody, pass close by or sit near an attractive man in a public area gives you the opportunity to let Mother Nature and your new scent do their job. Of course, the rest is up to you; you can gain a lot of sexual stimulation from a man after getting close enough for him to smell you and shake your hand, but first you’ve got to get yourself into that arena by making the first move, or at the very least, strategically bump into them.

Parties and Clubs

Speaking of the hustle and bustle of crowds, although this makes the playing field a little larger in the fact that most women are going to be sweating out some natural pheromones of their own here, it also gives you a leg up on the competition in that you’ll get more opportunity for close contact with a male. It also gives you the ability to watch the perfume take effect and work for you when you get up in somebody’s space and can see the small changes in their body language and physical appearance that prove they are finding you as irresistible as you feel. Crimsonphoenix.org points out that:

“Common reactions are enhanced eye contact, a tendency toward relaxation and comfort levels around you, increased conversation with you by others, at times a slight flush to the face on others -especially when in close contact or body contact (hugging, dancing, necking etc.)”

This hugging, dancing, and leaning in close to hear each other over loud music gives you ample time to work some magic and let the natural scents in the product you’re wearing permeate the airspace between you.

At The Gym

Similar to being at a dance party or anywhere else you’d be shaking your booty and working up a sweat, the gym allows you to raise your body temperature and double your chances of landing a man by adding your own natural scent to the chemicals in your perfume. Of course, when you head out to lift weights or run on the treadmill you’ve also got to consider the fact that sweating, although possibly giving you some extra help, may also hinder your chances by washing away what you’ve sprayed on. In addition, there could also be a reaction between naturally emitted odors and those in your spray; an expert on these products at Ebay.com states:

“Depending on the biochemical make-up of your skin, this could be affecting your success and application to clothing could make a big difference.”

Putting the scent onto your clothing rather than on your body gives you a longer lasting scent, meaning you don’t need to reapply as often as you would otherwise. Outerwear is a great place to put it because they don’t need washing as much as your other garments will, which allows for conservation of the smell.

Out In Nature

The gym and the dance club aren’t the only places you can work out, you’ve also got the option of taking your physical activity to the great outdoors, and you might be surprised by how many people are out and about walking dogs and jogging on nice days, especially in public parks. Taking a nice stroll with a pet or friend through a park gives you reason to wave or say hello to attractive men you might meet along the way, and is also a good time to apply some pheromone perfume to your jacket and scarf, or even your glove, as it may touch a prospective mate during a handshake.

In The Bedroom

Finally, the most obvious place to put on a little extra scent of attraction is in the bedroom, or when on a date that is aiming on making it to the bedroom by the end of the evening. Even if you’re not single this is a great way to keep your love life spicy and interesting; spray on some pheromone perfume when you get out of the tub or shower, or before getting close to your man to get a little extra reaction out of him. You could even apply some of the scent to your bedding in order to make the experience more heightened and pleasurable for your mate; Pheromones4you.eu writes:

“Pheromones used in the bedroom, and which remain on the sheets, will affect the subsequent nights, increasing your arousal and reinforcing your experience. Intensify the desire.”

Don’t be shy to experiment with your perfume, just pay attention to reactions that you get so that you don’t repeat something if it doesn’t work out the way that you hoped. Remember that body heat and natural chemicals in your skin can alter the odor of the said pheromone perfumes.

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