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Can Lesbians and Gay Men Use Synthetic Pheromones?

If you’ve ever seen advertisements for synthetic pheromones designed to attract the opposite sex like a magnet, you may have thought there was no point in finding more about them. After all, you’re not trying to attract the opposite sex; you’re trying to attract the same sex. So, can lesbians and gay men use synthetic pheromones too? Absolutely!

What are Synthetic Pheromones?

Pheromones are odorless chemical compounds produced naturally by both animals and humans that affect mood, behavior, sexual desire, sexual orientation, menstrual cycles, and the mother-child bond. In the past, people have gone their entire lives powerless to control the effect pheromones had on themselves or others.

Until now.

Synthetic pheromones are created in a lab and designed to work exactly like natural human pheromones. Understanding more about them can give you the edge you need to succeed in business and love relationships. However, not all synthetic pheromones are created equal. Low-quality pheromones are commonly made from animals and contain low-dose or virtually no pheromones at all. These are nothing but a rip-off.

Here at LoveSolutionsStore.com, we offer only high-quality, human-derived pheromones that are virtually guaranteed to work!

How Do Synthetic Pheromones Work?

In nature, hormones are designed to form attachment, friendship, and love bonds. This goes for both the animal and human kingdom. These pairings happen unconsciously, with something inside of us that just feels drawn to another.

Synthetic pheromones work in exactly the same way. These unscented chemical compounds stimulate feelings of confidence, attractiveness, and sexual desire. When you wear them, you’ll feel more desirable and people around you will take notice. They won’t know what it is exactly but they’ll be drawn to you by an almost magnetic pull.

The attraction will happen at a hormonal level. Their bodies, minds, and hearts will respond in a subtle, natural way they aren’t consciously aware of.

Best Pheromones for Lesbians

The type of pheromones you use will depend largely on the type of ‘vibe’ you’re looking to send. The best pheromones for lesbians who consider themselves more masculine are pheromones designed for men. The best pheromone for lesbians who consider themselves more feminine are pheromone products either designed for women or designed to be used by men and women.

Best Pheromones for Gay Men

The same goes when searching for the best pheromones for gay men. Gay men who consider themselves more masculine should use pheromones for men. However, gay men should stay away from pheromone products containing androstenone, as it is a very “non-gay” hormone. The best pheromones for gay men who consider themselves more feminine are the pheromone products designed for women or for use by both genders.

Different Pheromones = Different Effect

It’s also important to note that type of synthetic pheromone product you use will also depend on the effect you’re looking for. Edge Trust, for example, can be used in virtually any social or business setting. It contains oxytocin, a “feel-good” hormone designed to increase feelings of relaxation and trust. The product gives you a comfortable, more approachable aura and comes in both a man and woman’s version.

When trying to attract a potential mate, Scent of Eros is a good choice. This pheromone product contains three powerful chemical attractants; androstenol, androsterone, and copulins, designed to facilitate a natural bond and make your love interest take notice! This product also comes in both a woman’s and men’s version.

How to Use Pheromones

The best way for a first-timer to use pheromones is to look through our selection of pheromones for women and pheromones for men to see which one corresponds to the effect you want. Each synthetic pheromone product is designed with different hormones designed to produce a slightly different effect.

When you’re selected the pheromone product you believe is right for you, use a very small amount mixed with your favorite perfume or cologne. Dab it on your skin or clothing lightly and give it a “test run”. Go to a social event and notice how people are responding to you. Hit the club and see how many women or men approach you with offers of a drink or a dance. How many are giving you the eye across a crowded room?

If the response isn’t what you’d hoped, there could be several reasons for this. Gay men especially may have the problem of overuse. Some synthetic pheromones designed for men have a very powerful masculine scent and may deter certain types of men. If you come off too powerful and aggressive, you may not attract the type you were looking for. Dial it back a little and try again.

Again, gay men should avoid products containing androstenone.

Also, don’t expect the pheromones to do all the work for you. Being mysterious and aloof can be enticing at first, but if you look like a block of ice, nobody will approach you no matter what type of pheromones you use. You’ll be considered too intimidating.

When it comes to finding the right mate, there’s no reason why lesbians and gay men should not be able to use synthetic pheromone products. The type you use will depend on how you view yourself and the kind of love partner you’re looking to attract.

Just remember, pheromones may increase feelings of trust and attraction but they can’t do it all. It’s up to you to make the effort of dressing for success, using the right pheromone product for you, and getting out there to meet new people. Once you do, you’ll be amazed at the results!

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