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Different Pheromones Associated With Physical Attraction

Pheromones aren’t something brand new to the word; in fact they’ve been common knowledge in the animal kingdom for quite some time now and have been studied in relation to their effect on sexual attraction as well as emotional response. The most common testing of these types of products takes place in lab rats and the scents that have been associated with them were mostly said to resemble that of urine. While rubbing something that smells like pee all over your body may not sound appealing you’ll be happy to know that different pheromones produce different scents and each scent helps produce a different feeling. In some perfume and cologne products there are also other additives to change the smell altogether and give it a more appealing aroma. For more information on the different pheromones associated with these colognes and perfumes read on below.


This particular pheromone has been known to help with the feeling of closeness and comfort and can make the wearer seem more lovable and approachable. This is a good thing to have on if you’re looking to boost your intimacy level in a loving relationship. The products that have higher levels of Androstadienone are usually worn by men in long term romantic affairs or marriages to improve their home life, sex with their partner and their overall romantic life in general. Although Androstadienone is often mixed into other colognes as well to give better results in some single men’s romantic endeavors as well, it remains a favorite for those in partnerships more often than not.


Androstenone is the most commonly utilized pheromone in most sexual and romantic colognes and products of that nature simply due to the fact that when most scientific studies are processed it tends to come out on top for its contribution to activating physical attractiveness in women to men. Pheromoneauthority.com writes:

“Of the four basic molecules, androstenone contains the most potent molecules regarding sexual attraction.”

As most of these colognes are purchased for this quality in particular it makes sense that the products containing adrostenone often sell best. This doesn’t mean that it’s the only ingredient in successfully selling pheromone perfumes; as with other types and brands there’s often a mixture of three or four with an undisclosed ratio.


Androstenol is a particularly useful pheromone for men looking to pick up women they are meeting for the first time. It enhances the atmosphere to put a woman at ease and can help both you and the woman you’re looking to seduce to feel more open to conversing easily and getting to know one another. Seducingwomen.info says:

“Alpha Androstenol creates an aura of youth and health, and can make the wearer seem less intimidating and more approachable. Androstenol pheromone products can increase chattiness and friendliness.”

The aura of youth and health mentioned above also helps to make you seem more attractive to the opposite sex, which when combined with the relaxing atmosphere can create a truly winning combination. Like other pheromones used in colognes, Androstenol isn’t one hundred percent proven to make these effects work for you in every situation, but it certainly can’t hurt.


Androsterone is a more playful pheromone, and similar to androstenol it can give a calm aura to the wearer making you seem more approachable and attractive in a gentle sort of way. Colognepheromone.info advises:

“Androsterone has been known to illicit gentleman like aura. It also leads to a trusting aura that is great for flirting.

One negative effect that wearers have suggested is that if you wear too much of this particular pheromone you may accidentally place yourself in the friend zone by making things too comfortable. It’s also been said that due to the gentleman-like aura, it can make you seem too safe and even boring; this is when mixing comes in handy.

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