Men’s Pheromone Reviews

Written by Dave Rich

On June 4, 2022


Alpha-7 Unscented Pheromone Cologne Reviews


Gives You A Real Presence

Having had bad health and my confidence being semi battered at times, this stuff gives me a real edge that I need in public.It does smell slightly musty almost a little like sweat but I use on of my fave fragrances on top and it works like a charm Women are always more eager to come over and chat some get flirty and I’m md 50s now lol.Do NOT use more than 1-2 dabs as I actually frightened off a few women this is potent stuff.
Review by PHILLIP
Posted on 12/4/19


So far so good

Purchased the sample as wasn’t sure how it would work. Well, noticed a change in women around me and so i purchased the regular size. Give it a try!
Review by Joe
Posted on 4/24/19


Very Nice!
I used this product before I went to a college party. The response I got was very obvious. Women went out of their way to be close to me and not one but 2 girls slightly felt on my penis when they were walking past me. Used it at some bars also and it really shot up my confidence making me carry out longer than normal conversation with multiple women.
Review by Derrick
Posted on 4/10/19


It a door to endless possibilities!

Women are more friendly, conversations are longer and deeper. Girlfriend does not know what hit her. Thank You
Review by Kevin
Posted on 2/22/17


I bought this and a few other products and this was the best just wish it was a little bigger, but well worth the money !
Review by Chris
Posted on 11/27/16


Surprised at reactions

The product is very reliable and I have had many good reactions from ladies.They go out of their way to see and speak to me..Wow.
Review by Brian
Posted on 6/18/16


Most excellent

Works very well alone or add it to chikara and you doin ? Ha
Review by don
Posted on 5/24/16


This seems to have some effects.

Strangely enough this seems to be working and I have nothing to gain but being noticed more and smiled at a lot more so far so good and only using very small amount..Thank you.
Review by Brian
Posted on 5/19/16



I first was achieving good results and second time around it’s not making the effect like first time, work in progress.
Review by JASON
Posted on 4/2/16



I liked this product and I noticed a lot of women acting more open to me, don’t put to much on thou lol. I also tried it with perception and with liquid trust and got great results with adding them to it.
Review by Christopher
Posted on 3/15/16



I didn’t know what to expect and I notice more attention and longer conversations with ladies at work,bus stop and everywhere I went. 2 thumbs up.
Review by JASON
Posted on 3/15/16


Worked nice

I did notice a diff in how women reacted to me, in a positive way. but I do warn… I did put to much on at first and it felt like it made me a little more agro lol. so don’t use to much,
Review by Christopher
Posted on 3/9/16


Chikara Scented Pheromone Cologne Reviews


Try This One!
This is great for First Timers and regular users. A definite increase in intensity and intimacy. Deeper conversations and surprising willingness in straightforward exchanges that super-charged the evening.
Review by Zinc
Posted on 8/14/21


Really LOVED the scent of it. Also noticed many compliments of my peers!
Review by R.C
Posted on 7/28/20


A First Timer Must Try!

I have been using pheromones for over 30-years. You will start out wanting it to attract the ladies and you will find out that it’s so much more then that! Chikara is also the perfect go to blend if you need some extra confidence! Maybe you have a job interview or you have to go deal with someone or something and you want the edge it’s just what you need.
Chikara is also the perfect go to blend if you need some extra confidence! Maybe you have a job interview or you have to go deal with someone or something and you want the edge it’s just what you need. Chikara is the perfect go to blend just to start your day at work, people will trust you more. They will listen to what you have to say and of course all the women at work will want to confide in you!
Chikara is the perfect go to blend just to start your day at work, people will trust you more. They will listen to what you have to say and of course all the women at work will want to confide in you!
Okay so now you know that this works, but there are some rules you must obey with all pheromones. First off you have to take care of yourself if you want the correct results. This will bring them into your circle but if you don’t take care of yourself, I don’t care how much you use they will quickly leave. Make sure you have nicely manicured fingernails, your hair is clean and put together, your clothes are not wrinkled and stained! You brush your teeth and suck on a cinnamon mint or chew some cinnamon gum. Shoes are huge to women! All women! Keep them clean and tight not tied tight but you hear me! The most important part is to smile.You don’t have to have game, but you have to talk and just be yourself and most importantly honest! No one likes a lire or story teller.
Feel 100% confident in this company! They are the best out there! I have ordered from here this website I’ve also ordered from them on Amazon. Every time for years I receive exactly what i ordered! I get it very quickly and they always send something little extra. They have the best customer service just message them and they will take care of you.
So if your thinking about trying pheromones for the first time. This is hands down the only one you need to try. I will tell you not to spray too much because you can draw out an alpha that doesn’t have self control! three sprays are perfect and then maybe two more 4-hours later for a 15-hour day.
You may get someone that says something or someone smells really bad! Men or women there are a few people out there that are hypersensitive to Pheromones, just don’t say a word and they will walk away. It’s not magic but it definitely will give you the edge over most people.
Review by Matt
Posted on 4/17/20


Very Sexy!

Has a very sexy and romantic scent!
Review by Carol Cell
Posted on 5/10/19

One of my favorites!

Chikara is my favorite all around product. I absolutely love the scent and so do the women! Highly recommend to anybody looking to experiment. Give it a shot!
Review by Jesse
Posted on 12/15/18

Product You Can Have Faith In!

When using this product I received many more stares, compliments, and others would approach me to start up a conversation. Of course the person has to have a good likeable personality but when that is coupled with this pheromone there should be nothing to hold you back from what you want. I’m glad I tried this product. I will be buying it again. It has become a staple for me.
Review by Django
Posted on 12/11/18

A part of my personal “scent”.

I am always getting compliments when I walk by, but more interesting is women notice when I don’t wear it. It’s memorable and now a part of my personal “scent”. Highly recommended.
Review by J P
Posted on 9/16/18

Getting hit on

I’ve had the women at work much friendlier to me. Getting numbers from women even if they already have a boyfriend. Personality helps, but the scent makes women want to be closer to me.
Review by Alex
Posted on 7/7/18

Like Smelling Sweet Clouds

Still testing but got good reactions after wearing for a week!
Review by John
Posted on 6/30/18


Nexus Scented Pheromone Cologne Reviews


I tried this cologne. Pricey, but it works. They (women) have a positive reaction to it and are clearly attracted to it. They don’t even realize that is happening, they just kind of want to stay around you and it puts them in a good mood. Don’t make the mistake of telling them. It spoils it.
Review by John
Posted on 3/7/2022


Attraction means smelling good! I bought this product because I want to smell good. The product helped me to accomplish this purpose. A little price but good stuff costs.
Review by Jaime
Posted on 4/21/2021


Awesome scent. Final results coming.
Review by Trip
Posted on 4/14/2021


There is a definite difference in responses with and without the use of Nexus. Compared evenings using and not using the product and the results were definitely different and positive.
Review by George
Posted on 11/30/2020


I’ve used it for many years, smells great and everyone always comments on it!
Review by Celso
Posted on 11/18/20


Really works! Just don’t tell her you are wearing it. Its your secret advantage 😉
Review by David
Posted on 10/6/20


Great scent! I like the way this product makes me feel, and I have been getting a lot more attention from the ladies since I have been using it.
Review by Byron
Posted on 3/5/20


I use it every day and I like it because it doesn’t have a strong smell and it looks like it works
Review by Irineo
Posted on 9/5/19


Yes it works!!!! But its not a Potion! I want to share my experience with you. Alot of ppl believe this product is to good to be true. Let me ask you this, Are any two ppl a like? Answer is No!!!. So what works for him may not work for you. So for that said …not every girl is going to jump in your arms. 2ND ? IS do you have patience? If you don’t move on. Nothing works like magic or overnight…Sorry nope.
This is not a magic potion its simply science. Everybody has a STRONG and WEAK points about them. It took time to figure this whole thing out but I’ll say its a Definitely Booster. It Definitely works and I can swear by it. Try changing things about yourself, maybe a new shirt or pants. New hair style something that makes u stand out and I bet if you do this you’ll be noticed. If you thought about trying this product out “guess what? you already made a change. Change is what we all need. Change for the better.
You will notice you confidence has build up and Trust me ppl will notice. It all begins who the person is. Ppl want to be around joyful ppl. Master a change not just pheromone spray cologne. If you do I promise you my friends the nexus will work for you. Be you and Better. Jump out the box you stay trapped in and look for a new you. Personality, Hygiene and Confidence plays a big part of how women will observe you, thats honestly the truth. Built that up and then spray on your new “Real Man” cologne and your life will change..promise!!!!! Wat works for me isn’t for you, you have to figure out wat works best for you. Play and master it. This product is A life changer. Thx Nexus Team
Review by Michael
Posted on 11/4/18

What People Are Saying About Us

“My bottle of “The Scent of Eros” arrived in the mail yesterday, and when I removed the lid I knew I was in for something…”


Scent of Eros for women

“I’ve been using Alter Ego For Women (AE) for months now and it’s my hands down favorite….”


Alter Ego for women

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Primal Instinct for women

“My bottle of “The Scent of Eros” arrived in the mail yesterday, and when I removed the lid I knew I was in for something…”


Scent of Eros for men

“I love it and my wife to. She told me that loves the smell and she is turned on when I wear it….”


Alter Ego for men

“I have tried primal instinct for a couple days now and I can tell you it works.”


Primal Instinct for men