Pheromone Reviews – Do Pheromones Work?

Written by Dave Rich

On May 27, 2022

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I have been reading a lot of topics about pheromones and finally decided to give it a try and I purchased TE with the SOE gel packs. . . . I can no longer say that I am a skeptic, because I’ve seen a noticeable difference. . . . In conclusion I would have to say that its worth trying. (TL 5/25/2003)

i split up with my girlfriend last new year and i was heartbroken.but on friday i bumped into her and I had my usual soe on the reaction off her was very friendly and said she would like to meet up on saturday night. i said ok on the night I wore xcite wipes on hair and soe on neck covered this with joop. I couldn’t believe the way say went on she was just a sex machine couldn’t leave off me in the seven years I’ve known her never has she been like this ever. this stuff works im convinced. (MC 4/10/2003)

I’m new here but I know for a fact this stuff works, on guys at least. Until recently I was a warehouse manager and met with sales people on a regular basis. One of these people was a so-so looking women in her late twenties, very plain. I was never attracted to her, nor were any of my co-workers. One day she came in to visit and every guy in the warehouse stopped to tell her how lovely she looked and blah blah blah. It should be noted that this was a grumpy lot of individuals, and she didn’t look to good. My asst. manager and I both had to sit down (woodrow). Finally she spilled the beans and told she had Pheromones on. It turned me into an animal (well sort of). So look out guys, if you find yourself wanting to #&!@& some not so hot gal you just met, you know why. I can’t wait to get this stuff!!! (HH 4/12/2003)

I definitely noticed reactions more, in general, when I first started wearing -mones. I think it was just such a novel thing to suddenly be getting such dramatic attention from such hot women. (SG 6/8/2003)

Man.. Ok I got my order on Friday and tried it out. I got AE, NPA and PI. . . . So first date. 2 drops AE (One behind each ear)2 Drops PI (one under each arm pit)Two sprays Fahrenheit by Dior. Never went out with the girl other than a quick coffee last week and I had to bolt. She came over to visit me at my house and I kid you not. She said, God you smell so..went blank DIHL.. came out of it and just kissed me. Long story short.. She showed me where her piercings where. I showed her where her g-spot was. I’m a sport *smiles* I like to help out. Second night 2 sprays Issy/NPA mix 5:1 ( One on chest under shirt , one on crotch on pants) One drop AE mixed in hands and rubbed on wrists) I had a girl call me at 4 that I had NEVER met before. We had just chatted on the phone and decided to just hang out. There where absolutely no sexual undertones going on here. I arrive at her house. She is a really big artist in my town and seemed really cool.. but talkative as hell on the phone. . . . It’s all over in about an hour LOL She literally was squirming while we talked and just attacked me. I told her we shouldn’t be doing this.. over and over. She just looked at me and said.. Shut up and (play chess) with me. Unreal.. So does this stuff work.. God knows.. Maybe I was lucky but I don’t think so. Both these women had no barriers which is totally not normal for me. . . . I’m buying stock in the snake oil.. LOL Unreal. (MA 4/8/2002)

I really didn’t expect much, because I figured this stuff was snake oil, but now I have changed my opinion. In a restaurant a female friend told me I smelled “sexy” and I started to think there might be something to this after all. In the restaurant I got a lot of smiles and eye contact, definitely more than usual. I did get a big “hit” as I was leaving. I looked down and there was this woman just staring and smiling at me. I think it was that “DIHL” that has been mentioned before. She was looking at me like she was in a trance or something. It was a little weird feeling to just have someone staring and smiling at you. I think her husband was getting pissed too! I got another hit later that night in a store. I was close to this woman and spoke to my friend. When she heard me she turned around and started staring like the other one. It was weird, but I think I could get used to it! Both of these women were in their early 20′s. I am a believer now . . . . (MT 3/31/2002)

yeah,they work. I’m a pilot an pretty good looking so getting women was never really hard,but now they’re coming out of the woodwork. Women will initiate conversations with me get flustered,drop things,blush. I’ve sprayed Pheros on Aisle seats of my plane,(these seats are usually empty) now they go right for them. (FB 3/29/2002)

Yeah, things have been really coming together. Since I have this new edge w/ the pheros, it’s like I’ve finally got the “total package'” goin’ on, ya know. Pretty cool. It’s just that, despite having my act together, the really beautiful women were kinda out of my league…or at least it seemed that way. It’s just that, lately, I’ve actually had a chance to work my mojo w/ the major hotties. Before this, it seemed that I was never their “type” of guy. It’s kinda funny to get the type looks from the babes that I used to give them (to no avail, until now – hehehe). My love life is a little more active since using -mones, it’s just that the class of women I am attracting now are ones who would never have given me the time of day before. My flatmate can’t figure out why all of these hot women have been flocking to me lately…he’ll never know why either. Mooooahahahaha! (SC 6/11/2003)

So far this stuff is like witchcraft to this newbie . . . . Man this stuff is FUN…Thanks Bruce… (ZR 3/27/2002)

I used to think it was a placebo effect also, but -mones do work and they work well, I have been off them for a bit over a week, with daily showers and such inbetween, you definitely feel like there is far less attention on you, like you don’t stand out as much, and you don’t (TM 6/13/2003)

I’ve had some success with pheromones in my marriage. After my wife had our 3rd child, sex was the last thing on her mind and the doctor says wait 6 weeks after to begin anything. Well I started experimenting with pheromones (APC and a product from another site) 4 weeks after the birth of our third child. I put the mixture on one day and I started driving the family to a nearby park. I believe the pheros kicked in within 5 minutes of the drive because my wife said that I need to find a baby-sitter ASAP. I asked what the problem was thinking it was a medical problem and she whispered to me that she was “in the mood”. Long story short, I found a baby-sitter and I did not have to wait 6 weeks to have sex with my wife. On another instance my wife and I were having a financial argument which went into day 2. I received NPA that day and mixed it with REalm (and possibly SOE). Hoping it would at least change the mood from bitter to calm I tried some on and prepare to go to sleep. My wife came to bed and was not speaking so I figured we were gonna go into day 3 arguing. I was WRONG! She came to bed in her birthday suit and surprised the HELL out of me. Needless to say there was no day three arguing but day 2 of S-E-X. So I’d like to say that Bruce’s website has been very helpful to me. Thanx Bruce! (VL 3/13/2002)

i don’t think this is a coincidence i think the pheros are definitely working. i’ve been using them for 4 or 5 weeks now everyday at work and here’s what’s been happening. whether i use PI, SOE or TE (alone or mixed) my desk has become a hangout. one woman just comes over out of the blue and sits there or lays her head on my desk. she even follows me for no reason sometimes. it’s like she doesn’t know what she’s doing. a lot of the time i walk away to get her to leave cuz she’s not the one i want there. even males are effected by this. not in a hit way but it seems to make them friendlier. at first i thought it was a coincidence, but after 4 or 5 weeks i have to wonder. . . . the main thing i’ve realized is that the pheromones work and do not discriminate. (RD 3/14/2002)

. . . when I wear pheromones girls are mysteriously attracted to me and if I come the next day without them it’s like I don’t even exist . (GN 6/16/2003)

I´m discovering pheromones for about 9 months now and I´ve gotten very convincing and strong hits during the last 6 months. (TC 6/16/2003)

I just recently got my order of SOE & TE and decided to try them out today. I had some rather mild hits in the afternoon but this evening was the clincher. I was driving my girlfriend home and she says to me “I smell something funny. It smells kind of good. I don’t know what it is, but its turning me on”. These were her exact words. I held my arm up t her and asked her if this was the smell. She said “yeah”. I couldn’t hold it in any longer and I burst out laughing. I told her about the pheros and she started cracking up too. Now I know 100% that this stuff works. (LG 3/7/2002)

Pheromones, are like muscles, or a nice car… chicks dig it, and it gives you confidence. If you already score loads of women without pheros, you will dynamite with them. (Unknown 2/27/2002)

i am pretty new to the pheromones and i was very skeptical in the beginning. but it has proved to be a lot of fun and i smell good as well…and recently i got a huge hit. (JG 2/27/2002)

i’ve toned down on the phero use for a few days and suddenly it got boring all of a sudden … i got to put some more on and get hits again hehe (Unknown 2/26/2002)

Allright! I believe in pheromones pretty much now… I wore some APC, SOE, NPA and TE last night…went out to a party.. this random girl next to me asked if i wanted to dance i was like “sure” so we started dancing big time grinding and within a minute i was grabbin her everywhere great time! i had to leave for an interview in the morning, so i said goodbye etc. and she’s like “what, why are you leaving?” HOT GIRL! so try that out, and smell good… she kept kissing and smelling my neck, where my mones were so good luck all (JG 2/16/2002)

Recently placed a second order to try out some other stuff because the results so far have been remarkable, beyond my expectations. (SP 5/3/2002)

Trust me, they work. . . . There are over 1000 people on this board, and there’s a growing body of research make it obvious. About a month after I started wearing pheros I got a hit that made it pretty apparent to me. Long story short: a girl who I had known for a while (but hadn’t seen in a while) comes to visit my hallmate . . . . She ignores the crap out of him and was going for my dick before I had even kissed her. All the while she’s going “What’s that wonderful smell?!” She said like five times. Now this was not a good hit, I had to kick her out. She was scaring me with the slut routine. But I set this girl on FIRE without doing anything, I was embarrassed in front of my friends because this girl was acting so foolish. Stuff like this happens often to me now (but in a good way, the girls don’t go psycho!). My friends have noticed too. They say things like “Man, when a girl sets her mind on you, watch out!” An old friend of mine (female) recently told me (word for word I shit you not) “What the hell is it about you that makes these girls you mess with go ape shit over you! Did you just finish puberty? Are you secreting some kind of martian sex chemical?!” (ST 5/15/2002)

I’ve laid off phero use for periods of a few days, a week, even two weeks. I find that I get MORE positive interactions with women when I’m wearing some. (OC 5/16/2002)

. . . i did a jb#1 in the local ruby tuesdays tonight..and you would think that a hormonal aphrodisiac was released in the room….i won’t bore you with all the details, as people may think im embellishing suffice to say, i met a pretty girl 16 years my junior, who gave me her number on a napkin…the stuff works folks, trust me!!! (Unknown 5/9/2002)

Women like me after they’ve known me for awhile. Most times women don’t give me the chance to get to know me. After I started using Pheros women treat me differently. It’s not that I didn’t notice, it’s that it didn’t happen. . . . So pheros do work. No doubt. (Unknown 5/6/2002)

Of course anecdotal evidence isn’t scientific proof, but till science catches up I gotta live in my world. And in my world pheros work. I don’t think it’s placebo, cause I started out very skeptical and very self-conscious about the phero smell. If anything, psychologically I was worse off! But the reactions from women were simply nothing I had ever encountered in adult life, since bodybuilding college days anyway. Until I tried pheros I had never seen DIHL, rarely had women initiate conversations, never seen women flipping hair like crazy, women giving me their ph# without me askingŠcertainly never had casual acquaintances hang all over me and proposition me – all this since pheros. I work at being social and have always been able to develop relationships with women, but it took time. The reactions I get from women wearing pheros are immediate, and seem different than what I previously have experienced. And in the beginning I was doing nothing special when I tried pheros – not dressing up and probably somewhat withdrawn and nervous about the whole thing. Can I prove this to you? Probably not. But there’s enough science out there to convince about anyone that these compounds have SOME kind of physical effect. Even if it’s just getting you some extra attention, that’s something (I think it’s more, butŠ). . . . It’s still socially expected for men to initiate things with womenŠbut the pheros sure make it easier for me in my experience. (IS 5/9/2002)

…i don’t know hardly anyone in this town i live in, my wife recently left me ( before mones ) and i have been really down…but not anymore…jb#1 has changed my life.!!!! decided to go visit the local O”charleys with some of my new JB#! mix on to have a few beers…my god, i have never, never, never in my life had such attention from young 18-22 year old girls in my life…it was awesome.. i had not only the cute 21 year old bartender who was a 36-24-36 giving me free beers all night, but i had all the waitresses making massive eye contact and smiling at me and sitting at a table right behind me and staring at me in the mirror at the bar…i felt like an animal on exhibition..the manager kept smiling at me and all the other males were so was wild!!! i just applied some JB@! and walked to the bathroom, letting the scent waft throughout the rest….it was wild..!!! i felt like a rock star on tour….anyway, to make a long story short..on my tab, the cute bartender ( her name is susan ) left me a smiley face and a message that says ” call me, xxx-xxxxx”….oh my gawd!!! never, never…i am 34 years old…18 year old girls don’t act this way round me normallly..thank you jb#1……i will keep yall posted and plan on buying a million bucks in stock in love scent!! (Unknown 5/1/2002)

Got my SOE and NPA a couple days ago and the first thing i wanted to do was MIX of course! . . . . and SOE + NPA GOT ME LAID IN ONE NIGHT! . . . . end of story pheros work. (Unknown 4/29/2002)

I was a skeptic, I am now a believer! Pheromones do work. This is how my night went last night, and for the first time I’ve ever used pheromones this is one hit I can surely blame on the good fortune of these products. Went to bar for a friends b-day, very small place and I pretty much knew everyone there apart from the birthday boys¹ gay friends (my friend is gay). I sat down with the people I knew on a table and everyone was shouting each other rounds of drinks. When it was my time to get the next round of drinks I was surprised by the reaction of the girl who was working behind the bar (she was cute and about my age in her late twenties). She just starred at me! Her eyes transfixed on mine like if I had hypnotized her, it was the most bizarre look she had. When I asked her what drinks I wanted she kind of just broke out of the spell, but kept on looking at me as she was getting each one of those drinks, it was like there was something she needed to know or ask me? I sat down again with my friends, as the night went on it was again my turn to get the next round, again I went to the bar, but this time the girl asked me questions, have you ever been here before?, had some small talk and then she said, ³il be working here next week². At that point I knew what she said was a hit, I never even initiated it and I knew 100% it was attributed to the pheromones. I have no trouble with girls, as long as I do the work and chase them, but when you see something totally different in their gaze the first time you meet them is something i have never experienced. (BZ 4/25/2002)

.I mean really..some of the things I’ve seen from mone usage is nothing short of spectacular…for example I have a friend of mine. . . . About a year ago he broke up with his high school sweetheart and he went into a depression. He gained alot of weight out of that depression…around 40 or 50 pounds I think. After the weight gain his depression seemed to escalate and he hardly got out. Anyways after seeing just what an impact mones have had on myself…I decided to begging persuading him to try the mones. Well since he did, he has gotten good results out of it. He says he never ever used to date this much or get this much attention from girls before. HE says that he freaks out that girls actually flirt with him now when before he was just ignored alot of the time. Now this is coming from a guy who gained 50 pds in the course of a couple of months (and hasn’t dropped it yet)and lost his swimmer’s physique that he used to have…That is just one the many many examples I’ve seen about mones working and it goes to show just what an important role mones play in how we judge a person….one could even go as far to say that in this case they override the users appearance… (SB 5/6/2003)

I did my first run today. I came home from work, tossed on some new clothes, and put 1 drop of AE below each ear/neck, and 1 drop on the inside collar of my shirt. Then grabbed 1/3 of a pack of SOE on my wrist and neck and headed out. . . . went over to this girls house that I’ve been dating. There’s something about this girl I should say before I describe what happened. She is VERY conservative. She goes to church more times a week than I go to the bathroom, and until just recently has been standoffish. Until the other night (Prom), we had gone out like a month and a half and had done nothing more than holding hands/little peck of the lips. At/after prom was the first time we really kissed. Today, when I got there, she was really excited to see me (I just got my eyebrow pierced, so I’m still not sure if it’s the -mones or not..and I’d been wearing them about 2 hours at this time so I’m thinking they might be wearing off). We went in, and she wouldn’t let me go. It was just me, her, and her brother at her house, and she was on me like someone was trying to grab her away in a crowd of people. She kept hugging on me and smelling my neck, and pushed me up against the wall and was all over me. She has NEVER done this before, so I’m thinking they might be working. (PL 4/30/2003)

I had on a APC-NPA-P10 mix in a bar last week, and this one 35-year old girl (who is a friend’s steady, glommed on to me and buried her nose in my neck for a few minutes as she talked to me, remarking how good I smelled. I swear, it was like she was huffing. I squeezed her ass to see if she’d back off, but she wasn’t dissuaded. (GR 4/29/2003)

Pheros definitely DO WORK. So people aren’t lying. It’s true that it can give someone more confidence, but that’s certainly not all they do. I can state both these things from personal experience. Pheros made me ex jump me 3 times. Before that, she’d always give looks like she wanted to jump me, but never acted upon it. These results weren’t based on me being more confident. I don’t think the mones made me neither more or less confident. What they did do is distract me. Basically when I’m with my ex I space out a lot, trying to gage the effect of the pheros. That distraction makes me a little less fun to be with. Even with that in mind, the results were clear and consistent. . . . If your interested in someone, you’re going to have to do some work yourself. They might help unlock the door, but ya gotta get to the damn door. (ED 4/29/2003)

Well, I got about the most obvious sign the very first day I used a mone product. A girl was following me all over the place in the mall. I would go somewhere, she would go there. Didn’t even know her. Caught me COMPLETELY off guard … I’ve been a believer ever since … (CB 4/22/2003)

Got my first order of AE and NPA. . . Hit the mall, got hits left and right. By hits I mean, girls I would’ve never approached (cuz I never got the go-ahead from them) were suddenly turning heads, smiling ear-to-ear and when I did engage em, were SOOOOOOOOOO receptive. I swear, I was thinking, “ah, well, placebo effect” and “I’m just noticing things a little bit more now, things that were probably always there” but no … I mean, this one girl walked up to me, slowed down and gave me the biggest smile ever. I saw her later at the food court, walked up told her I liked her hair, got her name then went my own way. Sure enough, 10 minutes later she appears in the same store I was, grabs onto my shoulder from behind and says “Thanks for the compliment! I really needed that today!!” and then gives me her number. We ended up shopping for a bikini for her right then and there. Hot damn! Next day same thing: This time I’m experimenting with APC/NPA (JB#1 mix) and same success stories. More numbers, you name it. At the movie theater, this little Latin girl working there (probably a little too young for my tastes – I didn’t ask) was fixated on me as I tried to order a drink and hot-dog. Talk about DIHL. Two feet away … TO MY FACE! She just stood there all dreamy-eyed, smiling. I had to wave to snap her out of it. Heheh. Anyway, Those were just the extremes. To sum it all up: Every girl I met was almost waaaaaay too receptive. I can’t believe this! And don’t get me started on the older women….. Newbies: I’m one of you! This stuff opens doors BIG TIME. The rest is up to you. (WF 4/13/2003)

I have become a true believer in pheromones. The difference was marked. I used PCC and SOE. First: no erection problems Second: much more tenderness, sweetness in the love-making, I mean MUCH more, handholding during, snuggling/showering after, just a more affectionate feel to all the interaction — however, still the same animal passion, i.e., my clothes got a little torn as usual Third: Incredible conversation. We got some things resolved we’ve been going around and around about for months that I had resigned myself to never really understanding each other about. Today it all “took.” We fully connected and understood each other’s point of view. He was much more open and willing to be vulnerable and to open his mind to me. We’ve never had so much conversation before and never has it been so productive. Fourth: Cops make me really juicy – very wet mouth, very wet between the legs. I’d get wet but never like this. I know it’s the copulins because I noticed it when I wore them by myself. The effect when stimulated is even more dramatic – a turn on for us both. Fourth: Cops seem to increase his um…taste … for me, if you get my drift…which doesn’t hurt my feelings at all . . . . I’m a total convert. (FTR 8/22/2002)

After receiving my npa and apc in the mail I whipped up some jb#1 for the first time. Got to work and nothing happened out of the ordinary. Went to break 2 hours later and re-applied two more short bursts. As soon as I got back my supervisor and manager (keep in mind I work mostly with females) came up to my desk and started chatting about a survey we all took recently. They were giggling and etc and by the time I knew it pretty much my whole unit (all female) were all crowded around my desk as we all discussed the survey. Nothing like this has ever happened. One of the girls I’m interested in there stood right by my side and was repeatedly brushing her leg against mine while we were all engaged in this conversation. Next we are all at lunch and my boss comments that she got a stain on her skirt from leaning against the counter at the chinese place. I asked “where?” and she literally put her hand on my shoulder and leaned me into an angle so that I could see the counter. I have never had physical contact with my supervisor prior to this. . . . Anyways this was my first experience with any kinda phero’s and all in all I think it was really successful. (SG 8/21/2002)

Re: Pheromone’s do they really work Get Passion Copulin Concentrate (PCC) and Primal Instinct for Women (PI/w) and see how that does. Yes, they work, good god, woman. You think we’re all just here doing creative writing exercises, makin’ stuff up? :D (FTR 2/26/2003)

This morning I put on some SoE in gel form with a little tiny bit of NPA. Then I had one spray of Acqua di Gio on my clothes. I had a great day, lots of girls wanted to be near me and I got tons of hugs and stuff. It was a pretty good day. . . . Pheros are for people who feel unappreciated and know that they’re great, people just don’t understand them. That was pretty much me and pheros are great for me. (BX 2/26/2003)

1 spray TE to throat/collar. ! spray Andro4.2 to back of head. Couple sprays favorite cologne. It’s simple, and this was the mix that convinced me pheros really work. Seems to work best on younger women if the cologne is right. Aggressive erotic response. . . . I had to physically pry a married girl off of me with her husband standing nearby the first time I tried this mix – she wouldn’t let go of my arm and bluntly propositioned me. (IS 2/27/2003)

hey what’s up all…ever since i started using pheromones, i’ve done a turnaround…rapid change…great social life, great friends, great lays…and before…perhaps a year before, there was little hope in my life…now i can pickup so many women, dance at clubs with any girl, talk to the hottest chick – everything i feel great about myself, and i can surely say this site, all of you, and the mones have definitely helped (JG 8/15/2002)

I’m lucky with pheros (unlucky without) and tend to get good results with almost everything I try. (AK 8/12/2003)

So here’s my testimonial: “They work.” What more would you like to know? (SP 8/7/2002)

ok i got easy effortless action after a date because of pheromones, that too from a taller girl, who brought her friends to the date. pheromones break down all the barriers, just be confident in them. THEY WORK. (JG 8/7/2002)

They work. My life has changed a fair bit from my pre-phero use. Do they force a female to drag me behind a tree to do the wild thing? NO; they are not a Funky Cold Medina (sorry, couldn’t help myself). They open doors with people, and that is where it begins. Feamles pay more attention; males pay more attention; bosses seem to be in a better mood. That last point is of particular importance, as you need money in today’s world; bosses are good sources of money. Well, that’s my testimonial. Catch ya on the far side! (RM 8/7/2002)

Yep, they work! I’ve used pheromones on and off for about 5 years but, I’ve noticed the biggest responses from wearing various products that Bruce sells here. (AT 8/7/2002)

pheromones have made a difference…that is, i get attention from women more mones really get you attention with which you can work with, and almost certainly bring out the sexual interest in women… for all of you in doubt, i swear, i believe in them and just have faith and keep trying…wear them to a first date and get some action right after…trust me i’ve done it..women start hitting on you good luck all :-) (JG 7/23/2002)

Pheros do work. I knew it when I got my first bottle of APC and tried it out. TE almost made me think it was a fluke, but when I mixed up JB #1 I knew it was no fluke and I was the man. (JT 7/25/2002)

Good day. I’m a 17 year old guy who’s had some trouble with women in the past. And I can’t even begin to describe my amazement at how incredible these things are! When I heard about pheromones, and how they can attract women, I couldn’t pass that up. . . . I was amazed at the results! I was at a restaurant, and a VERY cute waitress made “small talk” with me…which was amazing, considering she was 2 years older than me and I was with my parents! Today, I was at another restaurant, and ANOTHER waitress hit on me! Then I was convinced. This stuff really works! I remember seeing a post asking for testimonials – all I can say is, it sure worked for me! I am more than satisfied with the results, I can see my life changing for the better! I’m now a believer in pheromones, a true scientific miracle! (JR 8/7/2002)

Before I started wearing pheromones, I was never considered very hot. Good looks, good face, but overweight. The guys I hang out with haven’t changed, but since I’ve started wearing pheromones, women have begun to crowd around all of us (not just me). None of us have changed, but now women seem interested in all of us. I don’t know if this is a good or back thing really. As I’m afraid jealousies are beginning to arise in our group, but there has been a definite change. Most of the women who run with us now knew us before but never seemed to be too interested.Yet in the hot tub yesterday one of my female friends said, “Man you and your friends should all be models I swear you are all so hot” (JD 6/30/2002)

Maybe pheromones are no miracle products, but they CAN be VERY powerful (sexual) attractants IMO. For me it comes close to magic sometimes. (FK 7/8/2002)

All i can say is that as a newbie, mones have changed my life forever, i wish that was an understatement , but it really aint….(RT 6/19/2002)

My wife and I used to argue like cats & dogs all the time, mainly because we are so different. Ever since I’ve been using the SOE/NPA mixture, she is more loving and I can’t remember the last time we argued. I’m glad I found the love-scent site. Bruce is DA MAN !!! (VS 6/13/2002)

I went out to a club dancing last weekend and like in all rave clubs there is a dancefloor and you “put” yourself somewhere on that floor and dance. This was the 1. time I wore pheros to the club. I noticed in like an hour or so that I was dancing SURROUNDED by females. Something that never happened to me before. Pheros do work wonders… (AD 6/9/2002)

Overall, I find I’m getting better responses from people in professional settings, and that more than justifies the cost and effort for me. When it comes to the personal life, it’s just fun to experiment. Plus, when I’m needing an ego boost, there’s nothing like applying a couple of drops of pure none (i.e. PI) and hitting some busy public place. The majority of women will be neutral or unaffected, but every so often a female will be obviously affected. Giggling, nervous smiles, hair flipping, or that famous DIHL. It just feels good to get that kind of reaction, especially when other women notice. They’ll look, look again, wonder “What’s he got that’s making her act like that?” Then of course, women being women, they’ll sometimes get a little competitive and start trying for eye contact. I’ve had this “chain reaction” thing happen a few times, all in restaurants, and it’s just hilarious! (DA 6/7/2002)

Whats clear is although these pheros wont do it all for you, if you are attractive to girls anyway and know how to talk to them the most certainly do work,.They make them want you to talk to them, its almost like by you talking to them it makes them feel lucky.,.Ive been around and ive always pulled but this was different, something really was going on.Dare i try them again,,you bet,,,,, (ED 5/29/2002)

I have been using NPA and SOE for about 6 weeks and just added WAGG. I am satisfied. I’m seeing this woman that was just a “friend” before (jsut lunch and some harmless flirting). The first time I wore pheros around her after work one night, she was all over me! She has mentioned several times that I was the best smelling guy she has been with. (PS 3/25/2003)

I have got to tell you guys, this was an amazing experience. Half the time this chick had a bewildered look on her face like she was thinking, “Why am I so attracted to this guy?”, “He isn’t the type I usually go for…” Usually, we men are the ones awestruck by such women, and all of a sudden the tables were turned. It was truly unbelievable! It makes me wonder if this stuff is being brewed up by a voodoo queen somewhere down in the Virgin Islands… Seems like magic to me! (ST 5/24/2002)

There definately is something going on with these pheros. (LF 5/14/2003)

. . . I was pointed to the love scent web page buy a happy customer’s page and reviewed the info. . . . By profession I am a very observant individual and I noticed differences in interactions immediately. . . .I am happy with my products and the experiences I have had to date. Bruce is stellar and I am glad I have hooked up with his business. Good proprietors are hard to come by. (AD 5/17/2002)

I was looking for items about making perfumes and one of the hits (no pun intended) was for Bruce’s site. I check out APC and saw it was pretty popular (at least with the phero underground) and it was on sale here so I tried it. I was a skeptic but when I got my first hit with APC I had to try more. And I have to tell you, they work. (JT 5/17/2002)

. . . after years and years of being practically invisible to females, i immediately starting noticing extrememly interested, “friendly” behavior we will say….. These products that Bruce offers do work, its not based on hocus pocus or magical incantations, but on pure science…they affect the hormone levels of everyone that breathes them, and consequently, puts you in the drivers seat where women have been sitting for way too long! Lol…. (SW 5/19/2002)

I was working on some networking stuff in the office of one of our new staff members today with two of my co-tech workers. This new staff member is a drop-dead gorgeous blonde who recently began working at our organization. So anyhow she was extremely flirtatious with me to the point that when we left, one of my co-workers asked the other guy, “what is it with him?? How come all the women here are *mesmerized* with him” . It was very interesting to me that he chose to use the word “mesmerized” . So they were pressing me to find out what it is that I do that they’re not doing and of course I did not tell them pheros :-). So yeah, pheros work – I did not have this attention before pheros . . . . And the blonde lady in question actually said to me last week that she’d heard a lot of good things about me from the other ladies, that they all told her how cool I was, and “you are so popular here” (her exact words). (PT 4/3/2003)

The very existance of this forum is a testiment to our successes with pheros, I speak for everyone when I say we simply would be here if they didn’t. . . . They do work . . . . (CK 4/4/2003)

It was only the second time I saw her. . . . So last nite I decided to wear a good combo of mones. She even said afterward that she didn’t expect anything to happen. I really didn’t do anything she was the one that “jumped” me I just willfully surrendered myself. (PC 4/5/2003)

. . . im in sales and pheros make me the most successful person in the retail store where i work, upmarket and in the centre of the city. Sales go through the roof, i tone down the phero application. Mind you i only work 2 days a week max, as i have made my money already with the help of pheros . . . . (WT 10/01/2002)

. . . my ‘old reliable’ hit-getter is a spray of Andro4.2 and a spray of TE (or maybe 2 light sprays of TE for some situations). This is about the first thing I ever tried, and it made me a believer in pheros (thought they were snakeoil before trying). Man, the A4.2 is even good on its own, but with TE (or a dab or two of NPA) it is just killer. I had to beat a married woman off of me the first time I tried this, and her husband was right there watching! Not for the fainthearted (IH 1/20/2003)

Here’s women’s magic bullet: PI/w plus PCC — OH MY. HE had four orgasms and was hard again walking out the door, to his great astonishment. He said he hadn’t felt like that since he was 17. . . . No pillow talk, but then again, with sex that intense, who needs conversation. (FTR 9/10/2002)

. . . I’ve been playing around with 1TE: 7 SOE and have been getting GREAT results: Long, lingering eye contact. Lots of flirty smiles… A noncommittal relationship of mine, that’s extremely sensitive to pheromones, literally humped my leg while snorting the stuff off my neck. The clincher was when I wore it to work today. . . Lots of flirty looks and smiles, but the body language was unreal. I’ve always said that SOE erases personal space and makes girls love to be touched. Well… imagine that with the aggressive flintiness of TE/NPA. Women were patting me on the back, touching my hand, forearm, shoulder, leaning into me, rubbing up against me all day, and there was no alcohol involved. Granted they’ve all known me for a while. Some have been fairly open with their attraction… But this was VERY out of character.A married woman said we should go out and do the town. A secratery followed me around asking about my plans for the weekend. A cute young intern I’ve been orienting kept leaning into me and backing me into corners. While gazing into my eyes with a big, toothy grin.I’m talking lewd, wanton and licentious behavior in the workplace. After all this time I thought I’d grown jaded to the effect of Œmones. But this experience opens up a whole new frontier to explore. (AKA 9/27/2002)

A group of us at work (6 of us, 4 guys and 2 women) went out to lunch on Tuesday. Before we left I put half a SOE gel pack on the back of my hands and forarms and a dab of Rogue Male behind each ear. During Lunch, the one women sitting next to me was showing me lots of attention. She is married, 36, brunette, about 5’5″, maybe 135 lbs. She kept looking into my eyes, and she kept touching my hand, shoulder, and leg all through the meal. Well, its time to go back to work and she asks if she can ride back with me. I say ok. As i get ready to start the car, she just kept looking into my eyes. I move myself closer to her and she grabs me and starts kissing me. We had a heavy petting makeout session for about 10 mins. Driving back to work. she says that famous line “I have never done anything like that before, I dont know what came over me.” I believe that SOE in the right combination with a NONE Product is the way to go. Today, this woman and I went to the McD drive thru for lunch, when to a Park nearby. We ate lunch and had another heavy makeout session. I was wearing the same SOE/RM dose as before. My only worry now is mixing work with pleasure (TK 9/27/2002)

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“My bottle of “The Scent of Eros” arrived in the mail yesterday, and when I removed the lid I knew I was in for something…”


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