Women’s Pheromone Reviews

Written by Dave Rich

On April 18, 2014


Alpha-7 Unscented Pheromone Perfume Reviews


I love your products!
I’m always telling one of my lady friends about your stuff, and I have been pleased with your customer service, quality of products and really fast shipping.
Review by Sabrina
Posted on 8/21/20


Thank you for giving me an edge!

My boyfriend had decided that he wanted to break up. We agreed to go to lunch on his birthday. I wore some of your magic oil and he went crazy….. We are back together. I also put some on a handkerchief and then under the seat of his car….. He keeps commenting on how his car smells like me Thank you for giving me an edge….. Wow amazing amazing results It seems to work on all people they are friendly open and want to help me or at minimum very friendly
Review by Julia
Posted on 6/20/20


Worth the price!

I love this product. It works with both sexes, and gives me confidence. People are more friendly and open when I wear it, and it blends with every scent I decide to wear. Excellent value for the price – a little goes a long way!
Review by Mary
Posted on 12/11/19


Smells sexy
I like the smell. It seems to work as advertised but I’m still not sure.
Review by Jenny
Posted on 8/2/19



I didn’t know what to expect and I notice more attention and longer conversations with guys at work and everywhere I went. 2 thumbs up.
Review by Jamie
Posted on 3/15/19


Excellent Product!

I tried it on my boyfriend, he flipped totally to a new person and he was all over me attracted. Thanks
Review by Vahida
Posted on 2/21/18



I ordered more pheromones and got them yesterday. Obviously I didn’t use them all at the same time, but I did use this one, along with a couple of others, right before bed and let me tell you it worked……well. My man was a wild man and for the rest of the night he couldn’t keep his hands off me, kept waking me up. LOL. Awesome product, will be ordering again.
Review by Dezz
Posted on 8/18/16


I admit I was skeptical

I used your product & deff got attention. When I wear your product, I feel so much more confident. I WILL purchase products again.
Review by Alicia
Posted on 3/21/16



This item actually works!
Review by peaceadonai
Posted on 2/22/16


Primal Women Unscented Pheromone Perfume Reviews


Primal Woman

This is the best one I’ve tried so far! I’m already attractive , so with this included , its best to just be around your man or crush. This attracts a lot of attention from men and women.
Review by Angel
Posted on 2/4/21



I had purchased this product and had actually had many uses out of the seemingly small bottle. I didn’t think at first that there had been a difference. But the last two or three times I had worn it, it was noticeable that it had been working. Not only had my mood been heightened (Which is difficult since I suffer from depression) but I had noticed allot of attention from the men that surrounded me in public. I am actually going to purchase it once again today since it had worked so well for me the first time!! Good Luck Ladies 🙂
Review by Rabbit
Posted on 9/30/21


Love this product!

This is a great product smells great!
Review by Haley
Posted on 11/12/19


Best For Improving Confidence and Mood

Takes you back to the animal kingdom and helps you attract whoever you desire, especially men. Many users appreciate its confidence-enhancing aroma on themselves just as much as the ones they attract do. It also comes in a mini-version so you can use it on the go, wherever you need it.
Androstenol and copulins combine to bring you powerful attraction driven by pure instinct. With this unique formula, you will enjoy yourself.
Review by Amma
Posted on 9/19/21


Nice for Combos

This has quickly become one of my go-to pheromones. It definitely gets people to open up. I combine this with Altered Ego and WOW!! Men approach me like crazy. Love this combo for first dates. Quickly gets guys to relax and see you as girlfriend material.
Review by Ashley
Posted on 7/25/18


Love it!

Ummm…WOW! Using this alone I noticed a difference. people would walk past me then stop and come back towards me, looking uncertain of why they came back lol! I did something crazy, I also mixed this with liquid trust a few times and people would just walk up to me and say “hi” then just stare at me like they were mesmerized to the point that it would be awkward!
My supervisors at work have started asking me what I want to do instead of telling me what to do and it’s been great
Review by Christy
Posted on 7/4/18
The best!

I been using this Primal with lavender oil and my favorite parfum La vie est belle and it really works. All what I need is a drop on each ear every day. I also use another pheromone from here when I party on night life!
Review by Queen
Posted on 5/6/18


Love this!

Everything it claims to be! Couldn’t be happier!
Review by Nicole
Posted on 1/9/18


Lil mood booster

Can’t say it’s my favorite but it seems to help boost my mood a little bit in these dreary MI winters. could be a placebo affect but I definitely feel sexier and more confident after dabbing some on. Going to experiment w/ some other ones…
Review by Daisy
Posted on 2/27/17


Attention Getter!

I definitely notice more compliments from people when I wear this but I thought it would have been more. Not sure if I should increase what I use as I use about 2-3 drops!
Review by Soraya
Posted on 2/19/17



Im a server at a restaurant and primal has nearly doubled. My tips each night! People r nicer, men flirt more. Truly worth the. Cost!
Review by Melinda
Posted on 10/29/16


Love this stuff!

One bottle lasted me a really long time and I can tell the difference when I’m around people if I’m wearing it or not.
Review by Kat
Posted on 4/4/16


Loyal User!

I’ve used this particular product for years, and it always performs extremely well for what I’ve needed. It seems to ease relations with both men and women, platonic or otherwise; and it gives me the confidence I need in awkward places. This product has actually helped my social anxiety issues and made me more comfortable meeting new people!
Review by Mia
Posted on 10/20/15



I Love This Primal Instinct Pheromones For Women.
Review by Zaneta
Posted on 7/18/15


Amazing Stuff!

I’ve been testing this stuff for months now, and I gotta say, I love it! It makes me feel upbeat, and everyone just seems so drawn to me! I received more attention than usual when was out shopping with this on, it was almost overwhelming. I see this as a sexy social blend that draws in men and women alike.
Review by Janis
Posted on 7/17/15


Free Lunch!

A man I was interested in at work, wasn’t paying much attention to my ‘hints’ until I started using Primal Women…. then I was amazed at the attention! Each day he would bring me or buy my lunch! We started dating and he says now that he can’t believe he waited till he was 63 to fall in love! I love him and I love this product!
Review by Preyou
Posted on 5/21/15


What People Are Saying About Us

“My bottle of “The Scent of Eros” arrived in the mail yesterday, and when I removed the lid I knew I was in for something…”


Scent of Eros for women

“I’ve been using Alter Ego For Women (AE) for months now and it’s my hands down favorite….”


Alter Ego for women

“I got a reaction from this immediately!”


Primal Instinct for women

“My bottle of “The Scent of Eros” arrived in the mail yesterday, and when I removed the lid I knew I was in for something…”


Scent of Eros for men

“I love it and my wife to. She told me that loves the smell and she is turned on when I wear it….”


Alter Ego for men

“I have tried primal instinct for a couple days now and I can tell you it works.”


Primal Instinct for men