The Art of Foreplay: Seduction Techniques for Men and Women

Written by Dave Rich

On May 26, 2022

The Art of Foreplay: Seduction Techniques for Men and Women

Whether you’re looking for love or just trying to improve your current relationship, it’s important to understand the art of seduction. Some men and women simply don’t know how to flirt and there’s no shame in that. Maybe you’re shy or you married your high school sweetheart and never had to do “the dance” with a love interest. Whatever the case may be, you can improve your relationship and have better sex if you learn how to not only get the attention of the one you want but keep it focused on you.

Seduction Techniques That Turn Her On

Society expects too much of men. Not only do they have to be the provider, they also have to be strong, brave, tender, intelligent, an incredible lover, and a patient father. Clearly, leading men in most movies set the bar a bit high. However, just because you’re a normal, human male instead of a superhero, you can still give her what she’s looking for in the bedroom. You just have to start outside the bedroom to do it.

Here are some tips:

1. Dress the Part

Even if you’ve been married for ten years, there’s no reason to let your appearance go. Find an excuse to grab those button-down shirts from the back of your closet and dress for success. When you dress the part of a confident man, you feel more like a confident man and your love interest will take notice. Want to seduce her with a new look? Try a new leather jacket or a tie.

Find ways to update your style without turning into somebody you’re not. If you’re not comfortable in what you’re wearing, it will show and your confidence will go down the tubes. Also, grooming is important too. If you’re in need of a haircut and a trim, get one. Keep the beard but lose the scruffy look. If you have long hair, keep it but tie it back (especially if you’re over 30) and work it into your look.

2. Approach with Confidence

One of the best ways to seduce her is to be able to read her. Women want to be in control in their professional lives but when it comes to finding the perfect man, they want him to take control. This has nothing to do with women’s lib. Women are hard-wired to be attracted to the alpha male; the man who can protect and provide for her. So, approach with confidence, look her straight in the eye, smile, and introduce yourself.

Compliment her on the dress she’s wearing or the color of her eyes. When she speaks, really listen to her and don’t interrupt. When you speak, do it in a slower, deeper voice. Fast, high-pitched voices are an instant turn-off so if you’re nervous, do your best to shake it off before making your move.

3. Learn to Read Her

While you’re listening to what she has to say, be observant and notice things about her. Watch her body language. Is she playing with her hair, trailing a fingernail across her glass or licking her lips? If so, she’s giving you non-verbal signals that she’s interested in you and likes what you’re about. Keep going. You’re doing great. If, however, the woman you’ve approached angles her body away from yours and continues to look away, you’re either not her type or you didn’t quite bring your A game. No worries. Make a gracious exit and move on to the next lovely lady. Maybe you can approach again later in the night.

4. Keep a Little Mystery

For every woman who wants the superhero, there’s another looking for the dark and mysterious type. There’s something alluring about knowing just enough about a guy and wanting to know more. Don’t give out too much information all at once. You don’t want to look too eager. A little mystery can go a long way in keeping her interest and making her chase YOU for a while!

5. Have a Sense of Humor

Women are attracted to a man who can make her laugh. If you have a sense of humor, you’ll appear naturally confident and relaxed, comfortable in your surroundings. Humor is disarming and can make a woman feel safe with you, even if you’ve only just met. For men who’ve been in a relationship for a long time, never lose your sense of humor. Learning to laugh at yourself and the obstacles that come your way can go a long way in keeping the spark alive in your relationship.

Seduction Techniques That Get Him Going

Whether you’re looking for Mr. Right or have been coupled for a long time, learning some seduction techniques can help pique and keep his interest. Flirting and turning him on can improve your relationship and lead to better sex! When women are seductive, the trick is to learn to be assertive without being aggressive.

Here are some tips:

1. Sexy Up Your Look

This doesn’t mean wear mini-skirts and hike your boobs up to your neck. Instead of thinking X-rated, think PG-13. Men enjoy a little mystery when it comes to the way a woman dresses. Show him you’re available with a clingy blouse and a pair of sexy jeans or a flirty skirt, knee-high boots and a turtleneck. In other words, don’t give it all away at once. Just a sneak preview of one asset at a time is enough to pique his interest.

This winter, scarves will be in. Take advantage of this by dabbing just a bit of your favorite perfume on the fabric and “accidentally” letting it brush against his face when you’re near. Want even more power over him? Try some women’s pheromones such as Edge Trust of Liquid Trust. You’ll be amazed at all the attention you receive!

2. Be Confident

Shy ladies really have a rough time with this. They’re just not used to putting themselves out there and showing their emotions, even if they’re interested in a man. Sometimes, shyness can be a real issue when trying to attract a mate. If this is an issue for you, practice confidence. Take a public speaking course, read a book on self-confidence, and practice your flirting techniques in front of the mirror. It may seem silly at first but it can go a long way in making you feel more in control of your shyness.

If there’s something about your appearance that’s holding you back, take some steps to change it before getting out there. Lose weight, update your look, and trade your glasses in for contact lenses or whatever you need to do to feel better about yourself. The better you feel about yourself, the more attractive you’ll be to a potential mate!

3. Use Your Body

The art of seduction is about learning how to do more than just chat him up. Learning how to use your body language to entice him is just as important. Look him directly in the eye when he’s speaking to you and smile. Gently touch his arm or use your fingers to touch your own hair. Cross your legs toward him and subtly brush his leg with the toe of your heel. When you’re walking away from him, swish your hips a little and give him a sexy view. If you’ve never tried flirting techniques before, it may feel strange at first but try it. With each positive response from him, you’ll feel more and more confident in your technique!

4. Listen to Him

Strong women love to talk about themselves and there’s nothing wrong with that. He wants to get to know you or he wouldn’t be talking to you. Still, it’s just as important to listen to him so you can get to know him and understand what he’s looking for. Even if you’ve been together for a long time, it’s still important to listen. When a man knows he can trust you with his thoughts, dreams, and intimate secrets, he feels more naturally drawn to you.


5. Make the First Move

If you’re in the mood for a little hanky panky, why wait for him to make the first move? The art of seduction often includes the element of surprise. If you’re out on a movie date, lean over and whisper in his ear how much you want him. Send him a flirtatious text message while he’s at work. When you come on to him, it shows him you really want and desire him.

The Art of Foreplay

Spending time on foreplay can really improve your relationship. Foreplay begins outside the bedroom. Before you head out the door for work in the morning, tell her exactly what you want to do to her when you get home. When you’re in the bedroom, don’t just go for it; spend time kissing, caressing, and enjoying your lover. Build up the tension and make her beg for it.

Ladies, your guy’s largest sex organ isn’t his penis, it’s his brain. Spring for a new piece of lingerie, a sex toy or an adult video and give your guy some visual stimulation. Feeling really confident? Turn on some sexy music, sit him in a chair, and do a strip tease for him!

The art of seduction is more than just candles and wine. To improve your relationship, think outside of the box. Whether you’re trying to spice things up in the bedroom or attract the perfect mate, learning how to flirt confidently can open up a whole new world of possibilities!

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