Top 10 Fun Websites to Waste Time On

Written by Dave Rich

On March 29, 2013

fun_websites_to_waste_time_onIt’s Friday afternoon (or heck, maybe it’s Monday morning) and you’re too distracted to work. Where are some fun websites when you need them? Right here. Men’s Health Net has come up with the top 10 websites you can visit right now to waste time, beat boredom, and look busy!
1. – Ever put down a book or finish a movie and wonder if you could find something similar? Well, now you can. With Live Plasma, just look up the title of your favorite book, artist or movie and you’ll walk away with a ton of new suggestions for entertainment in the same genre! Of our top 10 fun websites, this is our favorite!
2.     StripGenerator – No, it’s not that type of fun website. Strip Generator lets you build your very own comic strip and share it with your friends. Get creative!
3. – Maybe your mother warned you never to talk to strangers but that’s the point at Omegle. At this fun website, you don’t even have to sign up. Just type in a few interests and you’ll be hooked up with a random stranger to have a conversation. You never know where it might lead!
4. – Think you fail at life? Not as much as these people. This waste-of-time website offers hours worth of funny, cringe-worthy, and downright weird pictures and videos.
5. – is a fun website packed with the funniest, weirdest, and most scandalous viral videos online.
6.     Awkward Family – You won’t believe some of the cringe-worthy photos you’ll see on this site. Some of them are almost too embarrassing to share.
7. – Of this top 10 list of fun websites, we think this one is the most addictive. You basically play “Mr. Potato Head” with real people. Switch up eyes, noses, mouths, and bodies to create your own unique face. Weird and fun.
8.     Don’t Haunt Me – Weird things happening in your neighborhood? Find out if there are restless spirits running amok at a home near you.
9. – Get your daily dose of pop culture, random facts, and hysterically funny pictures on Buzz Feed.
10. – A top 10 list of fun website has to include free gaming so we put in one of our favorites. Guy Games offers free flash games online including Renegade Racing and The Walkin’ Dead. Blow stuff up and release stress without having to download anything on the office computer!
Fun websites are a great way to waste a bit of time and look busy when the work slows down. What are your favorite waste-of-time websites? List them in the comment section below!

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