Top 10 Things Women Want in Bed

Written by Dave Rich

On February 14, 2013

things_women_want_in_bedWhat do women really want in bed? Millions of men just like you are shaking their heads trying to figure that out. If you’re sick of searching for this information only to be told you have to download a book or a video, here’s some free information about what women like in bed, no strings attached.
1.     Dominate Her
The book series, “50 Shades of Grey” hasn’t been flying off the shelves for no reason. Many women secretly desire to be dominated in the bedroom. That doesn’t mean you should come home with whips and chains tonight but pick her up and throw her around a bit during foreplay or gently pin her hands above her head and see how she reacts. If she’s into it, you’ll know and you can use light domination to spice up your sex life in no time.
2.     Talk Dirty To Her
Outside the bedroom, most women don’t want to hear dirty talk but when things get hot and heavy, loosening your tongue a bit can really turn her on. While you’re making out, whisper in her ear the things you want to do to her. Avoid being degrading or rude unless you’ve both talked about it first. You don’t want to get slapped!
3.     Communicate with Her
Women are talkers, it’s just the way they work and you can use that to your advantage. Pay attention to the way she looks. Did she get a new haircut? Is that new pair of panties from Victoria’s Secret? When you compliment her on how attractive she looks, she’ll feel more confident, trusting, and sexually adventurous.
4.     Go Down on Her
The thing women want more of in bed is for you to go down on her more often. Many women have been taught to be ashamed of their genitalia and won’t openly ask for oral sex. Start by kissing her belly, her abdomen, and her thighs and work your way toward her most intimate area. She’ll love it and your sex life will improve!
5.     Touch Her Elsewhere
If you’re wondering what women like in bed, it’s foreplay. Just a few kisses and obligatory breast grabs aren’t going to do it for her. Spend more time exploring her body to find out what she likes. Use different pressure and stimulation to really get to know what turns her on. She’ll love you for it.
6.     Be a Tease
The more foreplay a woman has, the more she enjoys sex. Teasing her until she wants you so badly she’s begging for it is one of the best ways to please her in bed. It also increases sexual enjoyment for you because by the time you get to intercourse, things get really intense!
7.     Indulge Her Fantasies
Women want you to indulge their fantasies in bed. Since she may be too shy to bring up the topic, try bringing it up yourself. Talk about dream you had about her and see if she’s interested in role-playing or dressing up. You may be pleasantly surprised at her response.
8.     Kiss Her
If you learn nothing from this article about what women want in bed, learn this: She wants you to kiss her. No, not just for a second or two before you climb on top of her. She wants deep, passionate, slow kissing that lasts for a long time. Remember, the more teasing and foreplay, the better the sex for both of you.
9.     Do Something Different
Do you always have sex on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday nights with the lights off with the TV playing in the background? There’s nothing wrong with routine but she may secretly want you to do something different. Suggest taking a shower together or making love on the pull-out couch while the kids are asleep. Just a simple chance in locations can really heat up your sex life.
10.    Last Longer
Just about every woman in the history of the world has wished that their man would last longer in the bedroom. Unfortunately, premature ejaculation is a problem for a lot of men. Most men last around 5-10 minutes but some only about 1 or 2. Statistics have shown that women need at least 20 minutes of sexual intercourse to have an orgasm.
If your woman is shy about communicating her needs in the bedroom, consider this her message to you about what she wants in bed. Remember, she wants to be kissed, teased, lightly dominated, and deeply desired. If you don’t last long enough in bed, conquer premature ejaculation with EnLast Cream!

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