Top 7 Treatments for Male Hair Loss

Written by Dave Rich

On June 29, 2022

Men who are losing hair want to take pretty much any and all steps to make hair grow back. But what are the top treatments for hair loss? This article will give you an overview of the top 7 treatments for hair loss so balding men can know their options and take back control of their lives.

Top 7 Treatments for Male Hair Loss:

1. Hair Loss Pills (Propecia)
Propecia is a hair loss pill designed for balding men. It has been proven to make hair grow back in a large percentage of men. Originally called “Finasteride”, Propecia was intended to help treat men with enlarged prostate but it had an unexpected side effect: It helped men regain hair! Propecia is effective because it lowers the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is a primary cause of male pattern baldness.

2. Hair Loss Shampoo (Profollica)
Profollica Hair Recovery System for Men is a newly formulated supplement that reduces hair loss and encourages growth. It has a two-step hair loss treatment to ensure you maintain healthy and voluminous hair. Profollica prevents premature graying, reduces bald patches, and restores your hair’s natural color. The formula activates inactive follicles, which enhances the growth of new hair. It ensures the new hair grows stronger, fuller, thicker, and healthier. Profollica promotes new hair growth for both men and women of all ages. It contains clinically proven ingredients that inhibit hair loss. Each treatment in the system provides benefits that improve your look.

3. Diet
Can your diet contribute to hair loss? Studies say nutritional deficiencies can make hair fall out. This can be due to a couple of reasons. Gluten intolerance; the inability to digest the protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and oats can contribute to hair loss. In a gluten intolerant person, this protein causes intestinal inflammation, which can cause malabsorption of nutrients.
Eating a steady diet of processed and convenience foods not only leave you with love handles you didn’t want, it can also cause hair loss. Balding men may be able to address their nutritional deficiencies simply by changing their diet.

4. Supplements
Balding men whose hair loss is caused by nutritional deficiency might see significant results by adding certain supplements to their diet. Vitamin E, for instance, increases capillary growth and improves circulation, which can make hair grow back. Vitamin D is one of the more common vitamin deficiencies and adding this supplement to your diet can help make hair grow back. Krill oil is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which can help men regain hair by decreasing inflammation and improving circulation.

5. Scalp Massage
Men losing hair might turn to natural hair loss remedies such as scalp massage to make hair grow back. For best results, it’s important to do the scalp massage properly. Using vitamin E oil, begin at the temples and, using circular motions, rub backward toward the neck. Start over at the sides and repeat the same process. A scalp massage can help improve circulation and encourage hair growth.

6. Laser Comb
If you’ve never heard of a laser comb, you’re not alone. They are a fairly new weapon in the hair loss arsenal. Laser combs work by transferring light energy to cellular energy, which encourages hair follicles to produce stronger, thicker, fuller hair. Lasers are tricky things. Some people who go for laser hair removal surgery actually end up with more hair than they started with. Bad news for your lady’s bikini line but great news for you!
Laser combs are simple enough to use. Just comb you hair with the laser comb for 10-15 minutes at a time 3 days per week. Results are noticed in as little as 8 weeks but take approximately 6 months to produce the full effect.

7. Surgical Treatments
The two most common surgical treatments for balding men are scalp replacement surgery and dominant hair transplant. With scalp replacement surgery, part of your scalp is removed and stretched over the bald spot. Dominant hair transplant surgery is a little less dramatic. It takes hair from the sides and back of the head and transplants it to the front and top.
Hair loss is caused by a variety of different factors. It can be caused by malnutrition, stress, hormonal changes, low testosterone, and food allergies, just to name a few. Whatever is causing you to go bald can usually be reversed with a combination of the right diet, supplements, and hair treatments. Do some more research, talk with your doctor, and experiment with different hair treatments. Men with serious health conditions should consult their physicians before trying any hair treatment, natural or conventional.
Don’t take hair loss lying down. Get back that full, sexy head of hair and make them take notice again. You’ll date and do business with confidence again when you find the right treatment for you!

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