Written by Dave Rich

On October 15, 2010

There are a lot of penis pills on the market today so as you might imagine, competition is fierce. With so many men needing a solution that is going to work, pills are often the quickest answer. Not everyone has time for more elaborate methods and strategies, but taking a pill is something nearly anyone can do easily. This is why so many men choose this solution over the other alternatives out there.

If you are considering getting some penis pills that really do deliver positive benefits, the 3 we review here are the most likely to give you results, according to our own studies.
These are the top choices for men today because they are effective at treating the problem rather than simply a pill taken for hope alone.

VigRX Plus – Widely known as the top penis pill product on the market, VigRX Plus is best known for doing extensive clinical trials to help them formulate their unique blend of herbs safe for men’s health needs. With the VigRX Plus program, most of what guys are noticing is that they have a thoroughly scientific approach to strengthening the penis and conquering hardness issues to make sure you remain firm not only during foreplay and intercourse, but throughout the entire sexual experience until the woman is satisfied.

This program is designed for long lasting results through a course that is customized to bringing about the strongest results over several months. This means that as the man continues to take the pills, the results begin to show up gradually over time. This is important for health conscious men who want to be able to stay with the natural rhythms of their body and get more sustainable results over the long haul.

VigRX Plus is a great choice for guys who are working to improve their sexual stamina to satisfy the appetite of their partner when it comes to sensual pleasures. Not only does this pill formulation help to eliminate early ejaculations that embarrass so many men, it also leads to extremely powerful orgasms that are far more intense than those experienced by men before they started using VigRX Plus.

In terms of providing a whole solution, VigRX Plus gives the most scientific approach in that they have invested most heavily into studying the results. Many men who are concerned about orgasm intensity are going to find that this is the pill that will work best for them, with the effects growing stronger and stronger as the months go by.

No natural penis pill on the market is more heavily endorsed by doctors and proven by a variety of different clinical studies.



Vimax Male Enhancement Pills – If you’re a man dealing with more than erectile dysfunction, Vimax natural male enhancement pills may be just what you’ve been looking for. Unlike most erectile dysfunction pills, Vimax contains all-natural ingredients designed to not only get your penis hard, but prevent premature ejaculation, and even improve both girth and length! Vimax is the all-in-one natural solution for men with more than one sexual health problem but are  concerned about the  possible side effects of prescription penis pills.

Virility EX Pills – For men looking for a more natural approach to dealing with their erectile dysfunction, there’s Virility EX. Unlike prescription pills, which can cause unwanted side effects, Virility EX uses a synergistic blend of libido-enhancing herbs including yohimbe, horney goat weed, and elk velvet antler.

Virility EX is not like that little blue pill. You don’t just take it  before sex and stay rock-hard for hours. This penis pill is different. Instead of just making your body do something, it works with your body, helping you achieve arousal more naturally over a period of time.

And unlike prescription penis pills, Virility EX contains maca root, an herb noted for its male fertility-boosting properties!

ProSolution Pills – This product actually offers more than just a pill, but those who want to stick with the pills to get their results are going to be able to. The results that ProSolution offers come from an FDA approved list of aphrodisiacs that have been mixed in proper formulation to bring serious results. The formula will bring a lot of good things into the life of any man looking to improve the size and fullness of his penis. The length and hardness levels are what ProSolution focuses on.

Aside from the holy grail results of a bigger, firmer penis that both the man and his lover are going to be able to enjoy, there are additional benefits, too. Those who are looking for serious sexual stamina in the bedroom will get it from ProSolution and this comes along with more erections that are going to last longer. That’s a strong benefit all by itself, but multiple orgasms is the hidden benefit that a lot of men are extremely happy about.

When ProSolution says they are going to super charge your sex life, that is exactly what they mean. The all around improvement is what this pill formula is all about. Being able to get sustained results that are going to be extremely noticeable to the woman is a big part of what makes this system so loved by a lot of men around the world.

If you opt for the whole ProSolution program with its exercises and total penis fitness system, then you can expect even stronger and more impressive results than just what one finds in the pills. Still, even with the pills alone there are very noticeable results.

Natural Gain Plus – Men who struggle with erectile dysfunction AND inadequate penis side can find what they need in Natural Gain Plus. Let’s face it, some penis pumps are nothing more than a unique way to masturbate. They don’t give you the length you want and they do nothing to treat erectile dysfunction. If you’re embarrassed about seeing the doctor about your ED or you’re concerned about side effects from a prescription, Natural Gain Plus can give you what you need the healthy way.

Natural Gain Plus isn’t a quick fix or an overnight solution. You won’t be rock-hard and ready to go in 20 minutes BUT you will be helping your body help itself. The secret to natural male enhancement is a healthy blend of minerals and herbs such as testosterone-boosting zinc and known aphrodisiac, American Ginseng.

Natural Gain Plus helps reduce prostate inflammation, improves genital blood circulation, and stimulates penis growth. Don’t fool around with penis pumps or gels that do nothing to enhance your length and girth. When you give your body the nutrients it needs, it will correct itself naturally and you’ll be able to give her all the satisfaction she’s been craving.

Extenze – Most of those who watch TV will already be familiar with the penis pills offered by Extenze. The glowing reviews from both men and their sexual partners have done a lot to put these pills on the map as the first pill solution that many had ever heard about. Since it is a safe product that many men already know about, it has gotten great results for those who wanted to achieve a fuller, longer penis with erections that last.

Extenze focuses its formula around blood circulation which is the key for erections that are going to be stronger and longer lasting, plus it helps make erections a great deal easier for a man to get. Because of this, men have come to notice that they are being able to stay hard a lot longer with increased sensitivity, too.

In short, they feel more as they are going through the sexual experience. As you can imagine, this seriously enhances the effects of the pills because sensation is what it’s all about for most of us.

Since the Extenze pill formula was developed under the guidance of doctors and other medical experts, the pill program certainly has a lot going for it. Many men reported much stronger desire along with the better performance in bed that they were looking for. This is definitely a strong pill offering for those who prefer a brand name they already know about.

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