Tricks That Give The Appearance That Your Manhood Has Been Enhanced

Written by Dave Rich

On January 17, 2014

As far as male enhancement goes there are plenty of methods on the market to stretch, pull, fill, and surgically alter the shaft itself. Some of these procedures have been tested and seem to work for people while others have dangerous altercations and risk levels far too high to attempt without good reason. For this reason it’s sometimes best to simply rely on visual imagery and what the eye sees rather than making any permanent physical alterations to your manhood. Below are 4 tricks you can use safely to make it look as though your penis has grown, when in reality it is the same as when you started.
Lose A Few
One of the most overlooked methods of male enhancement is also the simplest; lose a few pounds. This is especially true if you’re particularly overweight or have a protruding midsection under which your penis looks much smaller than it is in reality. If you can get yourself to a point where your abdomen falls far behind the tip of your extended manhood while erect then it will look much larger than it did before such changes were made. comments:

Maintaining a healthy weight will make your penis appear longer in proportion to your body. It may also enhance your sexual pleasure.

Not only will losing the weight make your penis appear larger and make you feel better about your body, but you may find that it brings in more sexual attention as well. It isn’t always due to penis size that a woman is or isn’t aroused by your physique, especially since most women don’t particularly care about size as much as men assume that they do. A well-toned physical exterior will almost always win out over a large penis and a beer gut.
Trim A Little
Another way to make it seem like you’re working with more down below is to trim the hair in that region. You don’t necessarily need to shave everything bare, but if you’ve got an overabundance of pubic hair, or it grows out in an unnecessary long fashion then cutting it back to shorter lengths will make your erect penis seem further extended as well. Anything in that area that overshadows your erection will make it appear smaller, so try to make your manhood the star and enhance its aesthetic qualities by keeping the area neat and tidy.
Lose That Bad Habit
Believe it or not, smoking cigarettes can affect the size of your penis, even when erect. This has to do with smoking being able to cause blood vessels to contract and become smaller. This means that your member will actually shrink up very slightly while your blood flows with nicotine. suggests:

When you get an erection, your penis fills with blood. For this to happen, you need good blood circulation. Smoking disrupts the blood flow and can reduce your penis size.

Cutting back or quitting altogether won’t just help make your lower region seem more impressive, but it will also help alleviate signs of early aging and make the skin all over your body appear smoother and healthier.
Get Aroused
Finally, the easiest to do and obvious method of a larger looking penis is to become physically aroused. An erect penis fills with blood and will generally become both longer and thicker in size as it extends. Even for those who have naturally large members this will help you to gain a little something extra in the sexual department. Of course, this practice is best used before and during sex, but if you plan on showing it off beforehand in an effort to procure a mate through erotic practices your best bet for having your penis looking its biggest is to let it stand erect first.

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