Ways That Your Body Helps You Attract A Mate

There are so many questions involved in the science of physical attraction, especially when it comes to understanding the signals involved. Perhaps the greatest mystery though is knowing what it is that makes a man or woman attracted to you and how you can emphasize those traits to your advantage. Sometimes there are things you can do to improve your chances of success with the opposite sex, while in other cases the characteristic that is attracting or not attracting a mate is genetic and there’s nothing you can do to fix it. For an idea of a few ways that your body works to promote your odds of sexual appeal to somebody, read on below.

Body Odor

One of the more well-known methods of attraction, and also a very basic and primal approach to arousing a mate is through your body odor. It might not sound too sexy at first, but when you think about the naturally emitted pheromones that you release through body fluids like sweat and even urine, it makes sense. In less modern times and in the animal kingdom today, these chemicals in the body are released at times to attract a mate and help progress the act of procreation. Now these scents are being bottled in perfumes, colognes, and even oils to be rubbed into skin. You may not be able to change the scent that you emit naturally, but there are ways to improve and intensify those pheromones to your benefit.

Tone Of Voice

When you really think about it, one of the traits that makes a woman seem womanly or a man seem manly is their tone of voice. This means that if you’re looking to attract a man your voice should be higher pitched and feminine, whereas if it’s a woman you’re seeking then a deeper, more masculine pitch is desired. Dr. Laura Berman of oprah.com says:

“Dr. Gordon Gallup, a professor at the State University of New York at Albany, says that women with higher estrogen levels have higher voices, which makes them more desirable to men.”

It isn’t as though you can go out and change your natural tone of voice, but it is totally possible to alter it for a short time in order to attract a partner. This can be seen in the way that some people react over the phone with different callers. If a woman’s mother is calling then she’s likely to use a regular tone of voice, but if it’s a male caller to whom she is attracted, it’s much more likely that she’ll raise her voice a bit to sound more girly over the receiver.


It isn’t all that surprising that one thing both men and women crave in a partner is a symmetrical face. Aesthetic appeal is coveted by both sexes, but more so by men, which is why it’s more often that you’ll notice an attractive female with a less attractive male, but not likely the other way around. Independent.co.uk advises:

“In a recent survey, women with symmetrical faces were considered to have more feminine facial proportions and such feminine features are considered to be more attractive.”

Similarly to women with symmetrical faces being more feminine a man with a symmetrical squared jawline will seem more masculine as well. You purchase a nice piece of art because it’s beautiful, so it makes sense that you’d want that same kind of characteristic in the mate you choose as well.

Feature Extremes

Finally, there’s a lot to be said about feminine and masculine features and how they’re represented in your physical form. Things that are considered to be female such as long hair, dark lashes, a curvy stature and small frame will make men more interested. Sena Koleva of science20.com writes:

“A third major attractiveness booster is sexual dimorphism, i.e. having exaggerated feminine/masculine traits (e.g. small chin, full lips, large eyes, and high cheekbones in females, and small eyes, prominent eyebrow ridge, and wide jaw in males).”

In women, the attraction to men can be influenced by a strong jawline, broad shoulders, and a more muscular physique.

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