How to Get a Woman to Sleep With You

Written by Dave Rich

On January 22, 2013

how_to_get_women_to_sleep_with_youWant to get a woman to have sex with you? A lot of guys try to get girls in bed but they just don’t know how. If you’re striking out with women left and right, you might be coming off a little too desperate. If you really want to get her in bed tonight, you have to know how to seduce her.

  1. Project Confidence

A confident man gets the girl, it’s that simple. If you really want to get a woman to sleep with you, you have to project confidence and a little bit of dominance. Women are genetically hard-wired to be attracted the strongest, smartest, most confident man in the room. The one who can protect her and produce successful offspring.

Neither of you may have any interest in being in a relationship but she cannot easily resist a confident man. No matter what her brain says, her body will already be drawing her near.

Projecting confidence isn’t something that comes naturally for every guy but it can be learned and practiced. Confident men, for example, look good. They wear clothes and colors that flatter their face and physique. They practice good grooming habits, smile often, and walk tall.

Confident men laugh easily and clap other men on the back. They withhold instant approval as a sign of unspoken dominance and are always aware of their surroundings.

The next time you see a woman you want to have sex with, make and maintain eye contact. Keep your eyes strong yet relaxed. Let her be the first one to look away. When she looks up again, give her a little smile then turn your attention back to your friends or your drink. When she’s not looking, casually stroll up to her and strike up a conversation. She’ll be impressed.

  1. Show Respect

It’s been decades since Arethra Franklin belted out her #1 hit, “Respect” but it’s something women still want and deserve. When you first meet a woman, don’t mention sex. This doesn’t mean don’t flirt with her, it means don’t make it glaringly obvious you’re trying to seduce her.

Hold doors, pull out her chair, and whatever you do, don’t grab her butt or use some corny line. This will put any credibility you’ve earned right down the toilet. Remember, play it cool and you’ll have her making the first move.

  1. Touch Her Heart First

If you’re too focused on what her body might feel like wrapped around yours, you’re not hearing anything she has to say. Women are strongly attracted to men who understand what their saying and “get” them. If you want to get a woman into bed, you have to touch her heart first. This means listening and really taking in what she’s telling you. If you nod in all the right places and offer the right emotional response to what she’s telling you, she’ll feel you really care (even if you don’t.)


  1. Learn How to Kiss

Nothing turns woman on more than a knee-buckling kiss. Not flowers, not chocolate, not compliments, nothing. If you know how to kiss, you’re more than a couple steps ahead of the other guy.


Important rule: Never ask a woman if you can kiss her.

Asking for permission is an instant turn-off because it tells her you’re not confident enough to read her signals. Instead, when the moment is right, look deeply into her eyes and move your face closer to hers, allowing the tension to build. Let your eyes travel slowly down to her lips then back up to her eyes.

There are two ways to move in for the kill. You can cup her face in your hands or take one hand on the back of her head and pull her close. This depends on the situation and the woman. If you just want to get her in bed for the night and you’re not trying to tell her you love her, opt for the second approach.

When your lips are finally touching hers, gently push her lips apart with your tongue and slip into her mouth. Pay attention to how she is kissing you so you can gauge how much she’s enjoying it and how she’s feeling. Move your lips and tongue in a synchronous motion, deepening the kiss and pressing your body close to her as the moments go by.

  1. Smell Good

A woman’s number 1 turn-off is a guy with bad breath or body odor. If you smell bad, she’s not going to be interested, no matter how nice your clothes or how confident you seem. If you want to get her interested in you, you’ve got to smell right. And that doesn’t mean just splashing on any old cologne. There are certain smells that really turn women on. Leather, for example, is one of them. So are musk, celery, and licorice.

If you really want to seduce her and get her into bed tonight, you’ve got to get a bottle of pheromone cologne. Pheromone colognes have been scientifically-proven to draw women to you on an almost magnetic level. Studies have shown that when men where pheromone cologne products on a date, there is an incredible 47% increase in sexual intercourse!

If you really want to get a woman to have sex with you tonight, you’ve got to know how to seduce her. When you couple these easy techniques with the right pheromone cologne product, you may get more offers than you can handle!

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