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i_feel_goodGuys the world over have asked the same question for centuries untold: “How do I get a woman to want me?” The secret to making women want you is simple. It’s just a matter of putting it all into practice so it becomes effortless enough to do in your sleep.

  1. Get Yourself Together

The first rule of making any woman want you is to take care of yourself. If the only goal you have when you go out to a bar or club is to find any breathing woman to sleep with, you’re going about it all wrong and you’ll go home alone every time. To attract the right woman into your life, you’ve got to get yourself together first.

Take a good look at what it is about you you’d like to change or improve. Got a spare tire or a bald spot you’re embarrassed about? When a man feels insecure about his appearance, women can sense it and are instantly turned off. Don’t just focus on the physical either. If a couple of ex-girlfriends have told you you’re selfish, insensitive or bad in bed, chances are, they weren’t making it up.

Taking the time to work on improving your physical and emotional health before jumping onto the dating scene can mean the difference between getting women to want you or making them want to run away. So clean up your diet, kick the habit, ease up on the drinking, get some exercise, and make a real effort to change your negative thinking. You’ll be amazed at the results.

  1. Act Like You Don’t Care

Women are naturally drawn to mysterious men. Men who walk into the club with an air of relaxed confidence and approach everyone from their friends to the bartender with ease. Think Clint Eastwood or James Bond. Neither ever had to chase a woman. Women sensed something about them and often made the first move.

When you see a gorgeous woman across a crowded room, hold her gaze and give her an encouraging smile. When she looks away, turn your attention back to your friends and continue the conversation. This will give her a chance to check you out and size you up as a man.

After a few minutes, make your way over to her and start a casual conversation. Now isn’t the time to break out the cheesy pick-up lines. Introduce yourself, ask if you can buy her a drink, and make a comment about the night or the atmosphere. Don’t start throwing out the compliments until the conversation has started or you’ll look too eager and that’s an instant turn-off to the ladies.

  1. Dress it Up a Bit

Guys, unless you’re headed to the gym or just picking up some milk from the convenience store, avoid living in sweats and a T-shirt. If you really want to get women to want you, you have to think outside the bar or club. Women are everywhere and oftentimes, they feel more comfortable and relaxed meeting a man at the laundromat or the grocery store than they do at the bar scene.

So, dress is up a bit. Have your sister or your female cousin come to the store with you and pick out a couple of outfits that will catch a woman’s eye. You don’t have to spend all of your days dressed up but those holey jeans and ripped T-shirts have got to go if you’re going to get a girl interested.

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  1. Give Her What She Needs

The men who get the most action are the ones who are the most giving. It’s a statistical fact, man. The next time you approach a beautiful woman; don’t think about what you want from her, think of what you can do for her instead. See the goal here is to seduce her and get her to want you. This means you have to give her what she needs.

When she speaks to you, really listen to her (even if her cleavage is falling out of her top). Read her body language and anticipate her needs. Is her glass of wine getting down to the last drop? Ask if she’d like a refill. Does she look cold out on the patio? Offer her your jacket. Small gestures like this show her you’re a provider who can take care of her and, despite women’s lib; that’s what she’s genetically hard-wired to want.

  1. Show Confidence

Women aren’t attracted to men who act depressed, anxious, or uncertain. When you’re around a sexy woman, it can be really hard not to get nervous. Suddenly you’re in high school all over again and you’re the pimply-faced kid trying to talk to the cheerleader. It can get tough.

If you really want to get her to want you, you have to act confident, even if you don’t quite feel it. That’s where pheromone colognes come in. Pheromones are powerful chemical attractants that have been clinically-proven to influence human mating behavior.

When you where pheromones, you’ve got the dating advantage over all the other men in the room. Pheromone colognes have a powerful affect on her body and the way it responds. As soon as you’re in her aura, her body will react to the undetectable chemical scent you’re wearing and she’ll be powerless to control it. But, you still have to be cool and approach her the right way or she won’t stay interested long enough for you to get her into bed.

To get a woman to want you, take the right steps. Be aloof but don’t be cold. Focus on yourself first and the kind of woman you want and approach with confidence. Make the right pheromone cologne product your wingman. This killer combination can attract just about any woman. Once you get it right, everything will fall into place and she’ll fall in to bed with you.

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